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Josh was house-sitting for his friend Amanda, bored out of his mind. Sitting in Amanda's kitchen, his thoughtless trance was broken by the sudden ring of the doorbell. Wondering who it might be, knowing full well that Amanda lived alone and wouldn't be back for several more days, Josh opened the door, only to find a small stack of mail on the concrete step in front of him. He began to sort through the stack as he returned to the kitchen, only to find a collection of various women's magazines. "Eh, what the hell" John thought as he began to peruse one leisurely. A few pages in he came across one of those small, white cards used for samples of perfume. This one in particular featured a series of perfumes called "Celebrity" - each scent was supposedly related to various famous females in pop culture. Looking through the list, Josh noticed one named Ellen, after Ellen Page. John couldn't hold his curiosity - he was a huge Ellen Page fan, and found her incredibly alluring. He swiftly tore out the card from the magazine's spine and gave it a long sniff - failing to notice the large label on the back that read: WARNING! Celebrity samples meant for female use only. Other application remains untested; magazine and company not liable for results.

John expected something fantastic, but he only smelled paper and received a slight touch of light-headedness he assumed was from his giant sucking-in of air.

"Pfft. Figures." John spat. "It's just a stupid ad in a stupid magazine."

Still, the light-headed feeling had yet to recede, making John place his head in his hands. His head started to itch, and he felt something long and soft slide down past his hands. Grabbing it and pulling it into view, John immediately recognized that it was long brown hair - his hair! The strands of chestnut brown hair continued to grow into long, wavy locks, reaching just below his collarbone.

"What the hell?" John jumped up, startled. Still light-headed, however, he was forced to grasp the granite countertop. His hand, clutching tightly, proceeded to change as well, becoming slender and small, with clean, longer nails. His arms lost muscle mass and his shoulders crunched inward, becoming shallower. The changes spread downward, with his torso thinning and his waist expanding into an average but trimmed figure. John arched his back as two mounds began building on his chest - before long, he had a nice, pert pair of breasts. His legs shrank in mass and length, lowering John's overall height. His feet shrank several sizes and became petite as well. As his hips continued to expand, his butt became round and firm, pressing tightly against his jeans. John looked down desperately at his groin, where the next series of changes began. His penis receded inward, reshaping itself into a fully-functioning set of female genetalia. The sensation caused John to let loose a slight moan of pleasure - one that he did not recognize as his own. As his neck thinned, his adam's apple disappeared into his throat, making John's voice more feminine and airy. His face became rounder, as did his features; his ears and nose shrank, his eyebrows thinned, and his eyes became almond-shaped. His irises changed to a hazel color as well.

Once the physical changes ceased, John found his clothes somehow reforming themselves. His shoes became brown, leathery slip-on shoes, and his baggy denim jeans became black skinny jeans. His underwear became lacy black panties, and his undershirt shrank into a matching bra. His shirt became tight and bright red, separating from its outer layer - which proceeded to change into a gray, long-sleeve shirt. Lastly, his hoodie became thicker and tighter, morphing into a women's leather jacket.

Sensing that the changes had come to an end,  John looked himself over. He looked so...familiar to himself, but he needed a mirror to make sure. Remembering another ad in the magazine, he quickly flipped to a reflective page only for his mouth to drop open.

"Oh...oh my god!" John stammered in his new, yet recognizable voice. "I've turned into Ellen Page!"

Still reeling in disbelief, the new Ellen looked off away from the counter, just standing in the middle of the kitchen. Part of her felt like this was a dream come true, and yet she felt like she was going to throw up. However, something else crossed her mind first:

"Shit. What am I going to tell Amanda?"
A long time coming, this is my half of a trade with :icontgrebel2: In this, he asked to be transformed into Ellen Page - which is great because I always wanted to write a TG cap involving her. At any rate, I hope it wasn't too long of a wait, and I hope you enjoy it!
sallyane Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2015
love this story well done would love to be in that position wow what will amanda say
Iis18 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Nice story! Hm, I wonder how Amanda will react.
TGrebel2 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014
that's pretty good, I very much liked the detail you made in the change, thought it was nice to read, nice job very nice job ^^
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