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Part I:

Of course they had heard the stories. The abandoned mill just north of town, where people went in and never came out. Frankly, Jared thought it was fascinating. Despite his strong scientific background, Jared had always been interested in the mysteries of the world – cryptozoology, paranormal science and the like. The short, stocky, brown-haired college senior was nearly brimming with excitement when he parked his jeep.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” The moaning came from Jared’s close friend Kevin. Lanky, blonde, and practical, he was near Jared’s opposite, yet the two had been each other’s only friends since before they could remember. Kevin had only brought himself along on the trip for the sake of his friend’s safety. A good decision, he thought, as he stared at the crumbling mass of stone and metal before him.

“Oh c’mon Kev. This’ll be a walk in the park. Nothing like that worthless ghost hunt we did last month. And who knows? This could be the one that changes our lives forever!”

“Riiight…” Kevin rolled his eyes. Despite his ludicrous fantasies, Kevin couldn’t help but admire his friend’s enthusiasm.

Jared walked over to the wrought-iron gate with bolt cutters in hand. The rusty chain holding it shut snapped instantly, and with a loud creak the gate swung open. From his first step Kevin noticed a strange feel to the place…an almost palpable sensation that seemed to engulf his body. He thought little of it though, figuring he just needed to stop listening to Jared’s wild stories. It was obviously affecting his imagination.

Jared, on the other hand, was too engulfed in the moment to notice anything strange. He always got worked up over a site, no matter how little. People had been disappearing here for years – at least, if the stories were to be believed – and egged him on. Surely there was something that would make the mill his “first encounter.” He wanted to prove not only to Kevin but to the rest of the world that there were still mysteries left in the world.

At that moment a strange shadow caught Jared’s eye. It could be anything, but the light coming through the windows of the main building made it look…feminine? Before he could process, the shadow darted back into the building.

“Kevin, did you see that?!?”

“What, a bird? Or maybe a rock moved.”

“No, seriously, I saw something. Over there, in the big warehouse building. C’mon!” Jared darted towards the building.

“Jared, hold up! Ah, dammit.” Kevin began chasing after his friend towards the warehouse. With every step that strange feeling seemed to press on him further. His vision almost started to blur as they entered the building. Jared had stopped, scanning the rafters.

“There!” He shouted. Jared was certain he’d seen the figure of a woman this time, darting along the top platforms at the far edge of the area. And he knew it wasn’t just his mind – there were no mentions of women or anything from the stories. Nothing that could latch itself onto his imagination and warp his senses. Quickly spying a nearby ladder, he made his way over and sprinted up, his feet falling heavily on the old wooden steps.

Kevin trotted after him, but stopped to pause before reaching the ladder to the second level. He took two steps up before a loud, groaning creak echoed throughout the building. Realizing what was about to happen, Kevin dislodged himself from the ladder just before it collapsed into splinters before him. Jared peered down over the siding.

“You okay, man?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Barely.”

“Okay. Well…I’m going to go ahead and search up here. I’m telling you man, I saw someone. Try and find another way up while you’re down there. Maybe there’s some sort of fire exit on the side?”

“Will do. Be careful, alright?”

“Aren’t I always?” Jared smirked. He was about to walk off when Kevin called out to him again.

“Hey, Jared? Do you feel…weird in any way?”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno…n-nevermind.”

Jared nodded before walking off. He didn’t say anything, but as soon as Kevin mentioned it he too felt that strange haziness covering his body. Chances were, though, that it was probably nothing. He pressed on, failing to notice the slight sway in his hips as he walked…
I suppose this is more of an introduction, but I wanted to keep the transformations separate so I could write them out fully. Not a lot of TG in this (except at the very end), but I'm sure you can guess what's coming in the next parts. Enjoy!         
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