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It was a beautiful summer day as Mitch, a university student in his early 20s made his way through the brush. He had made it to the woods around a local swimming hole, where rumor had it all the hot girls from his school went to swim, tan, and drink. Mitch would have killed to be a part of the festivities, but there was one problem - these parties were girls-only.  However, Mitch wasn't planning on inviting himself. He just wanted a glimpse, even for only a second, of the girls in their bikinis.

The sound of high-pitched giggling drew Mitch's attention. Not far in front of him was a small, rocky outcropping above a pool. On it was a small group of slender, fit, and scantily-clothed young women. One of them, wearing a small, green bikini top and denim cutoff shorts, was the girl Mitch had hoped to see: Erin. She was as perfect as Mitch had imagined - her bronzed skin shimmered in the bright August sunlight, and shoulder-length, platinum blonde hair danced around her heart-shaped head like threads of golden silk. In fact, Mitch had become so caught-up in his fantasy that he forgot where he was, and foolishly leaned against a weakened twig. The loud 'snap!' alerted the some of the girls - Erin in particular.

'Shit' Mitch whispered as he saw a quick glare come across Erin's perfect face. To his surprise, however, she smiled a big, welcoming smile.
"Hey!" Erin called. "Why don't you quit hiding over there and come join us! We'd love to have you!"

"Uh...y-yeah, sure thing!" Mitch called back, very surprised. Weren't these things supposed to be anti-boy? He sure didn't see any other guys hanging out with, that was for sure. As he approached, Erin handed him an open beer. "Thanks." He said.

"No problem, cutie." Erin gave him a quick wink, sending his heart aflutter.

Unable to come up with anything, Mitch took a swig of his beer. It went down extremely smooth, but hit him hard. 'Must be a high alcohol content' he thought. Still, that didn't explain the sudden wooziness.

"This is really strong beer." He admitted. "But it's good! I just didn't think you invited guys to these things." Mitch tried to keep his cool despite the strange feeling that was spreading through his body. Did Erin look...taller?

"Well, we normally do. But, you know, things change." Erin grinned again.

Suddenly, Mitch felt himself sway forward. "Easy there," Erin said. "Why don't you just sit there and wait it out, hun."

Mitch had placed his hand on his head, but the wooziness hand become so strong that he hadn't even noticed the feeling of his hair falling down past his shoulders. It turned a bright golden blonde, becoming slight wavy at the tips. His face reshaped, becoming rounder,  and his features became small and petite. A slight weight was added as two diamond-like earrings appeared in his lobes. His eyebrows thinned, while his eyelids were covered with a shadowy makeup. His eyelashes thickened as well, and were covered with eyeliner.

The changes moved downward, with his shoulders crunching inward and his arms and legs thinning up. All of his body hair faded away, leaving his skin silky, smooth, and slightly tan like Erin's. His torso sucked inward, while his waist became wide, giving him a perfect hourglass figure. Mitch's hands and feet shrank and thinned, and his nails elongated into perfectly manicured tips.

"Heads up, girls!" Erin called to some of her friends. "It's the best part."
Mitch's but expanded even more, pressing firmly against his pants. At the same time, his groin caved inwards, with his male genitalia retreating inward and forming a new set of female equipment - ovum, vagina, clitoris and all. Mitch let out an almost pained sigh, and her voice was now much higher. Up on her chest, mounds of flesh began to build until she had a pair of well-endowed female breasts. Slowly, the wooziness faded, and Mitch began to open her eyes.

"Wh..what..." she murmured, not recognizing the voice that was now her own. In a split second, the physical changes wrapped up, and her clothing disintegrated into a matching two-piece bikini, white with dull green stripes that revealed quite a lot of her new "assets."

"Uh-oh girls, looks like Aly's already had a bit too much to drink!" Erin laughed, but not in a mocking way.

"Aly? But that's not...wha...?" As a small birthmark appeared on Aly's cheek the mental changes took place, replacing Mitch's past with a completely new one. Mitch had now become Aly Michalka, and was hanging out with her friends at the lake getting wasted. Why else would she be here?

"Pffft, I'm fine." Aly slurred a bit. She was still woozy, but now from the alcohol instead of whatever powers had changed her. She picked up the six-pack next to her. "Alright girls, let's party!"
After what seems like an eternity I was finally able to sit down and finish this long-overdue request for :icondemisword:. I'm very thankful with his patience, and I hope he likes it!
demisword Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Excellent job! No problem on the wait! As you know I completely understand and am thankful you finished it eventually. Great mix of yours and my ideas. Thanks :)
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