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Curtis was a big fan of the show Modern Family, and especially loved the character Alex Dunphy, played by Ariel Winters. So when he found a fan website that sold "official" merchandise from the show while browsing the web one night he couldn't resist buying something. After sifting through pages of uninteresting props and icons from the show he settled on a pair of glasses resembling Alex's - while he admitted it was a bit odd, the item was the only one closely related to his favorite character. After waiting for a few days the package arrived. Curtis was so excited that he tossed aside the packaging without reading the carefully placed warning - "Warning: nanotechnology may cause buyer to experience sudden changes in physical makeup. We are not responsible for such incidents."

After looking the spectacles over, appearing to be nothing but a regular pair of large, round, black glasses, Curtis figured that there was no harm in putting them on. At first everything looked like one big blur, but a warm, tingling sensation began to build in the areas of his skin that were touching the glasses and his vision became clear once again. However, the tingling didn't stop - instead, it became almost sting-like as it spread from the initial contact points. Curtis let out a quick "ah!" as he reached up to his face, only to find that his skin had become much more smooth, and his facial hair had disappeared. His cheeks became full and his face rounded. His eyes grew larger and his eyebrows thinned while his nose and ears shrunk, his lips puffing out and taking on a pinkish tone as well. Long strands of hair fell down the sides and back of his head, straightening out and becoming a deep, dark brown as they reached down to his chest.

Looking down in shock Curtis saw his shoulders lessen and round, while his torso sucked inward, all the while his body shrinking in size as his height diminished until he stood a short 5'1". As his hair reached its final length, two lumps began to push out against his shirt, swelling into a pair of ample breasts. His arms shortened and thinned, and his hands became small and dainty, with elongated nails to boot.

Back in the center, Curtis looked on as his hips widened, giving him a slight hourglass-shaped body. His butt enlarged and pressed firmly against the back of his jeans as his thighs began to slenderize and round out. He clenched his now short legs together as his penis and testicles disappeared into his crotch, transforming into a vaginal tract and full set of female sexual organs. Lastly, his feet shrank along with his shoes, becoming several sizes smaller. As if to signal the next set of changes, her gray running shoes became deep navy blue with thick white soles, her laces becoming much thicker and sitting loosely on his feet. Her blue jeans became a similar, dark navy hue, and took on a softer texture as they became tight-fitting, showing off her shapely legs and butt. His black v-neck became a long-sleeved t-shirt with emerald green sleeves.

As she turned to see the changes in a nearby mirror, the nanites finished their work and altered her eyes from blue to brown, and made slight alterations to her mind. Curtis was now an Ariel Winters lookalike.

"Wow..." She gasped. "I look...just like Alex Dunphy!" She then gave herself a confident smirk. "I guess these glasses were all I needed after all." 

Impromptu request for :iconsto04084071:

Been wanting to do an Ariel Winters/Alex Dunphy tg for a while. 
This was also a one-time only situation; commissions and requests are still CLOSED
Brachma Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015
Could I request Sera from Dragon Age?
sto04084071 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
thank you :P
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Great job
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