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A Magical TG

Samuel was a huge fan of classical magic, and so naturally he was the first to visit the Magician’s Emporium when it opened just down the street. What he saw there made him feel like he was in his personal utopia – everything from posters and boardwalk signs to magic sets and equipment filled the small square of a shop. Samuel quickly found himself staring down at the glass counter towards the back of the store. In large, colorful letters a sign taped on the inside read: “Authentic Magical Memorabilia.” Curious, Samuel approached the owner behind the counter – a balding man with a thick, curling mustache and sharp eyes.

“Excuse me, but what exactly is it about these that make them more “authentic” than the rest of the stuff in your shop?”

“Hm?” Asked the old man. “ Oh, these. Well you see, young man, these items belonged to some of the world’s most famous magicians. Some say that parts of them have remained with these items, giving the owner the tiniest bit of their skills, if not more.”

“Wow…” Samuel said in a hushed tone, to taken by the man’s answer to notice his baiting look. Samuel had always been made fun of for his interest in magic, by his friends and family alike, mostly because he was no good. If what the old man was saying held any kernel of truth, then he absolutely needed one of the items. He passed handcuffs, top hats, and decks of cards over before one item really caught his eye. It was a humble watch, with black leather straps and a gold trim.

“Who did that watch belong to?” He asked.

“Oh, that thing?” The man began to pull the watch out with the most delicate of grasps. “This belonged to a young female magician by the name of Eliza Grey, who started magic no far off from your age. Now, people say that if you take this watch and look strongly into its reflective back you can actually see her face. Thing is, you have to want to see it
badly enough. Otherwise, it’s just a watch.”

Samuel quickly snatched the watch off the table and held it to his eye level. He certainly wanted to see this magic – so much that he didn’t even notice the slight jolt the watch sent through his body upon contact. The man behind the counter let a slight grin slip out as Samuel transfixed himself further with the trinket.

Soon he began to feel dizzy. However, Samuel’s focus remained on the watch, so much that he didn’t notice certain changes that were beginning to occur. His shoulders sank, and his arms and legs thinned out. His waist shrank drastically, pushing the excess mass towards his hips, which began ballooning outward. His penis began to shrink into his body, and when it seemed to have fully disappeared a cleft began to form between his legs, driving itself inward as it became a wet and warm vaginal tract. In unison his chest began to
swell, until two supple breasts pressed against his white v-neck.

Samuel’s face softened, and his features followed suit. His ears and nose shrank into petite shapes. His lips puffed up, becoming pink and glossed. His eyebrows were thinned and angled, and his intently staring eyes became wider with sharper end angles, their irises morphing from green to gray-blue. Brown hair cascaded from his scalp, waving and curling until it reached down past his shoulders. Lastly his hands and feet shrank,
becoming slender with manicured nails.

Samuel’s body was now fully female, swimming in what were once perfectly fitting clothing. This changed too, however – his gray shoes becoming thick with black leather as they shrank to fit his feet. The mouths of his shoes began to swallow the ends of his jeans, with the laces strapping themselves halfway up his shins. The back soles of his footwear raised as well, giving him his old height back. His jeans tightened immensely, showing off the curves in his new legs as they also darkened in color. The white v-neck above became a low-hanging, silken gray top. His black, heavy jacket turned into a wollen, multicolored cardigan, with the zipper giving way to several large buttons. Finally the last changes came, with his underwear shrinking into a white linen thong and a bra of similar material manifesting out of nowhere and lifting his breasts, clasping in the back to provide ample support.

Suddenly the man behind the counter snapped his fingers loudly. The girl in front of him seemed like she had just awoken from a long sleep.

“Wha…what just happened?” Her voice was airy and sweet, albeit very confused.

“Eliza, my dear, you were telling me about your new performance and you suddenly dozed off. I know you’ve been working hard on your magic but you really must get your rest.”

“My…show? My show…my show!” She cried in sudden realization. “Henry, it was wonderful to see your new shop but I need to get to the theatre in -” she checked her watch, which had somehow found its way into her hand –“fifteen minutes! Goodbye.” She ran out the door of the shop, smiling in excitement. It was her first real gig, after all.

Henry leaned back in his old, wingback chair and smiled. “Another satisfied customer.”
I had forgotten about this one, but when I was making up my to-do list I found the text for it hiding away in a folder. This I did after watching The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - I already love Olivia Wilde, and this image from the move provided a perfect setting for my own magic-themed TG story.
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TomBrans1 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Nice story -  be sure I will be satisfied too after visiting this shop .... .
jaynemaria Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014
well written intresting and a great story to this caption well done
GobboKilla Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and I agree with :iconlis18: that was a really nice trigger for the transformation~ :heart:
As he/she said, keep it up!
Iis18 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
"Now, people say that if you take this watch and look strongly into its reflective back you can actually see her face. Thing is, you have to want to see it
badly enough.”

Cleverr! I like this story. Very clever trigger for the transformation. You write really well written stories. Also, nice details and dialogue. Congrats, you have written another great story! Keep it up! (no need to rush though, can't rush perfection and  such!) You've got a fan in me~
Darkrai1345 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 18, 2016  Student Artist
Thx to U the first TG story I red on deviant art was a good story
JacobtheTGfan Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013
Thanks! The detail is important to me, so it definitely shows in my writing. But I'm glad you like it!
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