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It's been quite a while since I've completed anything as I've been busy with a few commercial gigs, but found some time recently to toss this one together. There was no plan, so there's no real focus to speak of, but plenty of 'stuff' to take in I guess... thanks for looking :)
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I really enjoy your 'Blade Runner' type pics.  Depressing they may be but I love 'em.
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lynucsHobbyist Interface Designer
How the hell is this depressing in any way???  Are you on drugs???
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Why does the content filter think this contains nudity?
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No idea as I didn't add it, but I did remove it...
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Craig-3DProfessional Interface Designer
Wow! Only thing I can say is AWESOME!!!
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ThierryCravatteHobbyist Digital Artist
I like the dark mood in this image. The future you describe is quite pessimistic, but very believable, alas ...
There are plenty of nice details to look at. Great job.
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CaptainfusionStudent Digital Artist
Nicely detailed set, good job.

I miss a little more contrast in the image in general - some extra lighting would be nice. The signs could glow more and the sun could be more powerfull too.
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Your splendid work has been featured in my journal: [link] :huggle:
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ArteDigitalSAStudent General Artist
cool! a futuristic NYC
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is this done in 3d modeling then rendered, or photoshop?
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Actually, it's a little bit of each :)
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andretapolProfessional General Artist
Why always,girls in the future use little clothes?
Scarcity of fabric?
The city looks great...
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cmdSoniqHobbyist Digital Artist
awesome!!! :+fav:
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WyldekardeProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice! Great work! How long did this take you to do? Was this just one scene or several scenes you made and pieced it together?
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Thanks! :) Yes, this is a composite of several renders - three or four base renders and then lots of little fill in renders as I added bits here and there. It's hard to say how long it took as I pecked at it over the course of a couple of weeks off and on... after the base renders were done, the bulk of time was spent on postwork.
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The detail is incredible- what did you render it with?
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Thanks, all of my stuff is rendered in Vue 6 Infinite or on occasion sometimes in Vue 7 Infinite.
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MethPwnzProfessional Writer
This is actually my desktop and has been for a while xD I cant believe i havent favorited yet, ah well been a bit busy lol. Love your stuff dude.
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so much detail. love it!
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Weird request, but could I get this in 1600x1200? I'd love to have it fit on my desktop.
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No problem - I actually created a desktop of it already, but haven't posted it yet, mostly due to my own laziness... hope this works! :woohoo:


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Oh, that's good. Thanks.

It didn't work though. Gave me an error 404 message.
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Glad you wrote me back as I realized I jacked up the file path right after I hit send and then couldn't seem to find my reply to get back to you. Nonetheless, here it is for real this time:


Enjoy :)
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