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Sonic Mania - Mushroom Hill Zone by Jacob-turbo, visual art

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i do a some sprites

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So, time for another "Where the hell have I been?" post. I think it's been over two years now since I last did really anything on this site? At least, it seems it's been over two years since I last explained what was keeping me. Sorry to anyone I've
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is a my birthday again
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So if you couldn't tell, I've been on a little break from making sprite art for DeviantArt. It's been both a combination of having other things and projects I've been needing to focus on outside of DeviantArt, and also a lack of ideas for sprites don...
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Hey. Do you think every user has the right to post the content they want and add what they want (As long as it follows the guidelines) or should they accept others requests?

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Draw what you want. That's one of the most important things to remember, that's the thing you need to keep first and foremost in your mind.

From there, you can figure out what'd work best for you. Either to keep drawing and making your own things, take requests, maybe even take commissions, some blend and mix of all that, etc., just depends on what you want to do and what you can do, there's no right or wrong answer.

But, also, yes, you have the right to post anything and everything you want (Like you said, withing guidelines and rules), no one has to tell you what to do (Unless, again, you're doing something against the rules, which, if you reach that point, you're probably doing something morally wrong).

That's fine. I can see why it would be wrong for a deviant to tell others what to do. Since you have dealt with requests, I have also been noted that someone has been trying to send messages to me. But they did not like the idea I created, and so I wondered what you would say about the social conflict?

Yes, I used to deal with requests, and I handled them in a very poor way, namely due to the community I was apart of at the time having endless ideas and practically demands lol. Now, I don't take any requests. I do my own ideas, and sometimes take ideas from friends when I think they're really cool. But again, my choice to ignore requests isn't the only way to do it, you could do requests if you wanted, you could find some controlled way of handling them.

With that person not liking that thing you made, it depends on whether or not it's grounded criticism or just unnecessary hate/bashing. Criticism's good and should be listened to, it consists of stuff like shading advice, line work tips, etc., it's not always the nicest thing to read, but it's helpful, and should be listened to. Random hate and bashing is something you should also expect, but ignore almost entirely, there will always be people who hate what you do, it's guaranteed statistically, and you just have to accept that, and keep drawing despite it.

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