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[SFM/DL] Rainbow Dash (KRD Style)



Mane, tail, collar, jewelry and small body modifications made by me.
Eyes textures made by :iconredrocketsfm:
Original design comes from pictures made by KRD (NSFW warning).

Model was commissioned long time ago, but I never had a chance to release it.

Important stuff:
    - Collar is separated from model, due to clipping appearing when 2 flexes were used.
    - Model is already part of NexGen SFM Model Pack and you don't need to download it if you're focusing on anthro art.
    - You don't need to replace any files if notification will appear during archive extraction.

Please do not re-upload model to any other sites.
© 2019 - 2023 Jacob-MK2
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Question, does it have V5 morphs? ( yes it does, tho not all the presets are identical on the face. )

Edit: Love the mane cut!

Edit2: the download button doesn't seem to work for some reason?
Edit 3: Got it! Now any chance to have the mane as a separate model? :) (pretty please?)

Final thoughts: Great Job!  Really like the model! A bit of a shame that some flexes of the face are missing compared to the "regular" Dash model, but I guess it couldn't be helped. :)