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Weathered Buildings - Final 1

Here is my final submission to the UNREAL MARKETPLACE  It is now available!! It's a fully modular building set consisting of 112 Static Meshes. The reason I can get so much variety out of it, was by designing my textures and arranging my UV's in a way that would allow me to easily swap out different material onto the same surface. So I could switch between broken tiles, bricks, metal and the like. As well as a simple color picking material that I created within the Unreal Engine.
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Very nice work! What did you use to model this out? 3DS Max? Maya?
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Thank you! For this one I used Maya and I generally do just because I am more comfortable with it.
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Nice work! and really nice render.
Great job ! Already bought it very useful .
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Thank you very much Tkatchenko! Your support is much appreciated :)