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City of the Future

So most of this stuff was actually made in 3D Animation and imported into Photoshop. Although, the bridge, power thing on the left, and some of the trolley tracks were digitally painted. Most everything was at least touched up in some way after I 3D modeled it.

I don't like this one as much as my first Background Project, but I basically just said whatever cuz I need some sleep.
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I knew the world would be taken over by the Japanese. Damn you Nintendo Wii. Nice work I like the fiber optic sphere
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It actually looks more Chinese than Japanese. Because the Coca-Cola sign is from China.
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hehe thanks man. What can I say, Asians know technology like the back of their Wiimote.
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Dude, that's freaking amazing. It looks great, the only thing that bothers me is the bridge doesn't continue behind the building =/ Otherwise great job =D
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Thanks a lot man. About the bridge, the rest of the bridge is covered up by fog, I got lazy and didnt want to paint anymore.
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dude! thats freaking awesome i love the sign in it
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hehe I was gonna make it like an add for Halo 9, but I think it was more fun to go with the Asians with coke
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Oooo this is really awesome XD much better than my third project for that class haha

The sky is my favorite part =D
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Thanks ^_^ that's one of the things I actually painted too.
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