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As I went through the old part of DeviantART for a bit I suddenly am remembered by many comments I used to get on my old art and how many people even went as far as to stop drawing due to one reason: People called it cringy.

As a young child our brains is often very creative because we aren't influenced by a lot, we don't care what other people think and just do what we love. Want to create an OC with 4 pairs of wings that can shoot laser beams from their eyes? No problem! Want a universe where men can get pregnant? Go right ahead! Want to have a universe where dinosaurs never went extinct? Just do you!

But as we get older and mainly when we go online, those ideas are often looked down upon because people are so keen on certain standards to a point where it actually hurts. When I came to DeviantART I was but a child, my first couple accounts ended because I was too young, it deeply saddened me back then because of all the effort I put into said accounts. At that time I barely understood what DeviantART was about too, because I was so young my English sentences sounded like someone put a sentence through google translate 20 times. Some people still remember when I sounded like this and oh my, do I cringe when I looked back on how I wrote. But that is alright because it's a part of personal growth. 

People are so keen on telling us what we do wrong but do they ever look at what a person does right? You make one tiny mistake and suddenly that is your personality for the rest of your life. And it sucks that even adults still treat people that way. But of course karma is a bitch and someday people will see what they did wrong, hopefully at least.

But now about one of the things that really bothers me and I came to realize as years passed. Nowadays people get so extremely limited in their creativity. Why? Because there are hundredths of people who keep telling them how wrong they are. Your character is autistic while you're not autistic yourself? It's offensive. You character can get pregnant while they're a dude? That's fetishizing and thus offensive. Your character has 4 wings and can drain life from people? They're too powerful and should be nerved. Your character becomes a reformed villain? Do you have any idea that they will never be a good person due to the mistakes they made? Your character is covered in scars? Man what an emo... Your character is covered in rainbow colours? They're super ugly and waaay too perfect!

It's sickening by the amount of excuses people can come up with. ESPECIALLY when they use this against a young child who's still exploring their creativity. Back in the past it hurt me a lot, I tried to change my characters so I would please people and the more I changed them, the less was left of myself in them until they just grew dull and boring. But apparently some people just like dull and boring more. Weren't most of the most original character created by people who tried to break logics? 

How is suddenly EVERYTHING offensive? Unless you're being plain racist (like blackfaced for example, that's something very offensive) or abusive towards groups, etc, I don't think one can be offensive by just making a character that is autistic when they did proper research. And heck, even if they didn't, as long as they don't come to me personally and scream into my face that I'm autistic, I don't care. Why does everything have to kidfriendly all of a sudden? If I want to write about abuse and what it did to my character I want to write about that and not cover it up for whatever reasons. If you worry about every single opinion or thing someone does or say, that isn't even addressed to you, then I can only imagine how unhappy you slowly start to feel. That shit affects you... Why would you let every single thing affect you? Unless someone personally attacks me on the internet I don't feel offended anymore nowadays. I mean, I used to dislike how people make every socially awkward character autistic and self-diagnose themselves. But overtime... I just stopped caring you know? If people like that or that makes them comfortable well, good for them! They do not affect me, they're not me and like I said, unless they come to me acting like a total asshole, I don't care anymore. If that is what makes you happy, good for you and I genuinely mean that!

So why is it suddenly so bad to have a rainbow alicorn pony OC? Why is it so bad to have a character that is good at 5 things at the same time? Why is it suddenly so bad to write about a bad event that happened to your character? Why is it so bad to make your character immortal? There are many more things I could mention and I could go on for hours but at this point I just stopped caring. With Damon I made a character different from any character I had ever made and so many times I worried about him being a gary-stue but overtime I just threw that fear out of the window. And that way I created a original character that represents me, that has parts of me in him, that I like, that I relate to. Damon is covered in scars, has wings, is pretty strong, immortal, he's able to get pregnant and has had an awful life to a point where even now that he finally has his happy ending, he still worries that he might lose it all someday. He still has tons of flaws, he still has his problems. And out of all the things this character has what do the people on the internet point at when they try to find something 'cringy'? The first facts I mentioned about him. But I stopped caring because there are also tons of people who do love him, probably because unlike with previous characters, this one was genuine and poured so much thought into him that even after 3 years I still love him and haven't abandoned him like most of my other OCs. 

There are probably things I haven't mentioned yet, or things I haven't elaborated on and due to that people will also always twist your words to use them against you. But like I said, I changed a lot in the last couple of years, especially in the last month or so and it has gotten to a point where I no longer care. And if someone decides to be an asshole I just block them or ignore them. And if they go on anon or send an entire crowd after me? Well that only shows how much of an coward those people really are. People are so confident online, but irl they wouldn't even dare to say half of it straight to your face. Which is why I stopped giving online people so much power, chances that I'll ever meet them irl are very slim so unless they're an online friend I've had for a while I no longer care.
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