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A Desiree to Grow

Updated! :iconlparisien2: commissioned some easter egg stuff, which includes another ghost gal growing :3



My first commission for :iconlparisien2: ^_^

It's a simple animation with Desiree from Danny Phantom, growing and growing ^^

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You know that one episode when Sam wished she never met Danny? It's the same episode when Desiree gets bigger every time she grants a wish.

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Good stuff :)

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¿Cómo puede tu ropa sostener esos enormes pechos xd?
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This one is flooded to the max with Easter eggs XD
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So many eggies ^^
its really annoying finding the easter. eggs on an ipad can someone tell or msg me werw they are
if she is bigger and it look likes the end press on her belly (spam on it)
I know where they are!!!!! :) (Smile) 
Stomach and sun.
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how many easter eggs are there on this commision in total? so far i've found the expasion and the other ghost girl easter eggs.
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I forget ^^;

There maybe some clues in the comments 
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**After seeing desiree grow** Holy crap she is smoking hot!!!!!Love  
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btw, i like tucker's wish=P (Razz) 
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It's a good one
That's also my wish!!!
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maybe you could do one of her and danny
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If I'm commissioned, sure
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