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Rosalina Gets Boob-omb'd (PREMIUM CONTENT)

Rosalina Gets Boob-omb'd (PREMIUM CONTENT)
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My Bio

I am da Jackurai!

I'm a fairly well known dude around the macro-lady-art-type circuits. People who have known me longest are probably familiar with a handful of my OC's, like Growmonga (a teacher who can grow to amazing heights and fight crime) and David and Dani (a pair of siblings with major size differences; see above illustration).

Recently, I'm more well known as "That guy that does animation thingies for a price". Summer of 2012, I started taking commission projects in bulk and livestreaming them on my channel picarto.tv/Jackurai

Stop by for chat, movies, and fun whydon'tcha?

I'm very much interested in the history of my country. My favorite food is chili dogs with a side of fries and some cold root beer. I enjoy cartoons, westerns, zombie flicks, video games, political satire, and road trips.

Want to get on my good side? Not asking me for requests is a good starter. I don't do them. And a friendly greeting every now and then couldn't hurt.

If you read this entire profile thingy you're an awesome individual. Here is a voucher for one high five. Offer expires in 2013 and not valid in Guam.

Also, check out my other pages!

Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=1099728

FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/jacku…

Newgrounds: https://jackurai.newgrounds.com/

Streaming here https://picarto.tv/Jackurai Working on whatever, today :) Also streaming video game movies.

Patreon Pack 1

Patreon Pack 1

I uploaded some of my Patreon animations to my Payhip https://payhip.com/b/Fp5G Vore, muscle growth, various expansions.

Old Files Now on Payhip

Old Files Now on Payhip

Got my old files ready for sale on Payhip :) https://payhip.com/b/hfeN I have three folders available (A, B, and C) each with images and SWF animations I've had to remove from DeviantArt.  Here's the contents of the folders.  FOLDER A: April Goes Through the Roof Ariel Abuses Her Father's Trident Cherry High Vore Club High Ho! (Snow White Shrrrriiips) Genis WG Giantess Jasmine Gwen vs Raven Gwen TDI Giantess Kim Grows, Too May Grows Giga Phineas and Ferb Comic (Pages 3-6) Pyronica Voreica She-Grow Shego's Guilty Pleasure Sibling Rivalry (Blackfire and Starfire shrinking shenanigans) Sonic Balloons Sophie's Age Progress and Giantess Growth TMNT TFs Toph Smash (image) Icky Vicky Age Progress/expansion FOLDER B: Angel Food Vore Bomber Joust Fuu vs Sinon Expansion Giant Potion (male growth) Heartless Princess Kisses Johnny Test TG First Minisode Collection Nani and Lilo Age Swap Parade Float Girl Sailor Moon growth and clothes rip Sakura's Big Day

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yakob94Student Digital Artist
Frankie Feasts on Figments

I didn't give you permission to upload my stuff. Please delete it

yakob94Student Digital Artist


iann28Hobbyist Artist

anything on little in the loud house episode 2? (if you happen to be the channel named "a giant woman, a giant woman")

It's getting there ^^

mrbenioHobbyist General Artist

I doubt it would've counted as a commission but whatever; I maxed out your Cake Badge. You're at least worth that much.

Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D

Wow, thanks ^^