Apologies for the spam, but just a note that I'm running a special this month for my render server signups..

For the month of April, new sign-up's get 20% off their first month.

If you've not heard about it and the service I offer, please head over to www.jacktomalin.com/iray/ for more information.

I'm looking for additional support to secure funding to upgrade the server from the existing 1080Ti's to Titan RTX cards. The additional speed and RAM will be provide a nice boost to the accessibility of the server (which will hopefully increase as well when RTX support is added to Iray in the future)

Please share if you know someone who might benefit.


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Interesting. I have a few images that my old MacPro will take a very long time to render that would benefit from such a service.
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Well, if you want a demo account just shout.

There is a bit of a transition going on between which version of DS you use.. if it's 4.10 public release, then you're good for the server, if you use the newest 4.11 beta, then that uses a newer Iray version.  I happen to have that installed on my other work machine which only a part-time server, but it's up nightly when I'm asleep.  That has 3 2080Ti's in it, so in theory a bit faster than the server.
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One of images uses Rural Chateau III (and other stuff) and is 1920x1080. Would that be acceptable for a trial?
I use 4.10.
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Sure, can you drop me a note with your email address and I'll ping you the details (unless you have already been in touch).