Question - I'm looking at some of my renders, and wondering about re-rendering them at higher print resolutions.
Thing is, do people actually bother buying prints at all?  Are they any of mine that you've thought, hey, that would be good on the wall?

I would love at some point to put together an art book.. just a little something tangible that represents my working life so far. 

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By jacktomalin
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I wonder who on DeviantArt sells a decent amount of prints and what the subject matter and audience are.
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Part one; I like your works but when I want them for a print I render them myself :P.
Part two I have some of my renders put out for "buy as a print" here, up to now, nobody has ever done so. might be my works are not interesting or good enough but from that I would thinkt that the time is better invested in other activites than rerender just for higher pixel amounts.
Par three. whenever you are making an update on one of your products eg as a transfer to Iray it surely makes sense to have a render in full print quality. Making an Arbook is a lovely thing for yourself, to have something printed from your own art ( and in your case even self created) is a wonderful feeling.
part four, what Jason says about rerender traps, I could never let it render again just the way I did some time back. All the developement I made in teh meantime isn't reflected in that anymore.
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I don't know...  The first thing that honestly came to mind was this:

Edna: This is a horrible suit, darling. You can't be seen in this. I won't allow it. Fifteen years ago, maybe, but now? Feh!
Bob: Wait, what do you mean? *You* designed it.
Edna: I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.
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Don't look back?  

I must admit I'm generally a look forward kinda guy.. wrap a product up, onto the next.. but there does come a point when I've done like 500+ products now, that it's nice to actually take a moment to look at quite how much of a catalogue I've built up.  And actually, a lot of it still holds up.
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Whenever I have gone about the re-rendering obsession, I generally fall into traps...

1. The scene file doesn't load up the same way, even though I saved all of the associated project files. Then I start tweaking.
2. "You know...  If I did it *this* way this time, it would be so much better..." And then I start tweaking.
3. "I thought this was a good picture...  but now that I look at it." And then I start tweaking.

It's probably just me...