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Erica's escape

Here's another bit of Erica Reed fan art.  This one is inspired by the old trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege; which depicted a barefoot woman in a business suit being held hostage by terrorists.  In this instance, said terrorists chose the wrong F.B.I. agent to hold hostage.

Update:  I've changed Erica's pose, because I noticed some clipping issues with her coat that I couldn't ignore, when applying some changes to fix the pixelation issues.  While I was at it, I also gave her an extra magazine for good measure.  As well as some cut ropes that previously held her hands together, and a knife that she took from her assailant and used to cut said rope.
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I think I have to add a couple of remarks:

1) her skin color looks too different from the bad guy's one, so maybe you need to adjust that

2) that Desert Eagle in her hand - she took it from the terrorist, right?

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  1. Well, I did use a Michael 4 model for the terrorist, since I didn't have any dead Genesis figure poses at the time. Perhaps I could switch him out for a Genesis male one then, since I do have some suitable poses now.

  2. Yes.

She looks great here. :) The new versions (of this render and the one with Erica in the morning) are definitely better.

When did you update these pictures? I saw the newer versions only today, when decided to look again at your pictures with Erica. You still didn't solve that red hair rendering issue?

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A couple months ago. For a long while, I had no idea how to fix the pixelated bits that my renders tended to have, until I made this one:

Juri at the Movies

There were fireflies - what they call little white dots - all around it and I just couldn't allow it to be submitted that way, so that was when I finally looked up the solution and fixed the render, to make it submission worthy. Since then, I'd been looking at my old renders and updating them to fix that issue.

(I wish I'd found out the solution before I first made the Ada Wong one, because damn, that one was a mess! I think you'll find it of much better quality now though, if a little bright. I might fix that later, if I can find the time. Though I must admit, it does make her annoyed emote easier to see.)

shoe and stocking loss consequences

And yes, regrettably, my renders still show that hair brown - even though the viewport clearly shows it red.

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Sweet! :) Was Erica really barefoot in Cognition? :?
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Sadly, no.  The only barefoot girl in the game appears in episode 2, and the view isn't great.
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Ahh crap! Oh well, at least she looks sexier barefoot though. She should ditch the shoes. :D
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Go, Erica!!! :love:
Let's hope she retrieves her flats. ;)
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I picture this taking place before the game, so I'm guessing maybe Sully came to her rescue and found them along the way.  It might explain how the two of them met.
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Nice, it's been a long time since I last played Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, but it makes sense. ;)
Can't wait to see the rest!! :happybounce:
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