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A Princess Scorned

My take on a certain scene in King's Quest 4.

'Wooden' you know it, Rosella got caught by one of those evil spooky trees in the forest of Tamir. She struggles in vain, losing one of her shoes in the process, (which actually happens in the game, if a certain tree catches her) until she suddenly remembers the ax she acquired from the ogre's house. Soon afterwards, the tree learns the hard way that he picked the wrong princess to mess with.
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i would so love to have that Tree Model please, you see i make King's Quest Memories Screens, thus i made a Rosella Model :)…
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Sorry, I read your note while I was at work and forgot to reply.

That is a pretty nice model.  Looks just a little bit younger than I would've pictured, but otherwise not bad.

Here's the tree model I used, though you probably won't be able to use it unless you have either Poser or DAZ Studio.…
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Thanks and i thought my Rosella looked too Old, because the Model Base is from an Older Lady. :D

You should see my Graham Model, looks Worse :lol:…
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you're no giving tree