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Current Residence: Brea, California

Favourite genre of music: Rock

Operating System: Windows 10

MP3 player of choice: iTunes

Favorite characters: Jill Valentine, Juri Han, Nina Williams, Erza Scarlet, Fox McCloud, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison, and Sir Daniel Fortesque

Favourite Movies
Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Lion King, and Tangled
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, U2, Matchbox20, Billy Joel, and Weird Al Yankovic
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Xbox One
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Chess, video games, animals, Homestar Runner, girls, and Disney parks
I just don't understand why Disney is no longer capable of creating original stories with new characters. Why couldn't they make a movie about a completely different character - Like, say... Gabriella, a black mermaid whom Ariel meets and befriends in the Little Mermaid cartoon show? I would've watched that. If the movie is supposed to be about Ariel though, then the lead actress should look like the character from her original movie! Otherwise, it's not her. And this is the same company that made a cartoon show called The Proud Family - a show about a family who are black! I don't seem to recall the characters on that show ever being white in previous forms of media. If they were capable of making an original cartoon show, with black lead characters, back then, then there's no reason they couldn't make an original movie with a black lead character. This is why a black woman, who tried to apply for a job playing Snow White at Disneyland, was turned down. For as long as I
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Suddenly, open borders aren't such a great idea, are they? Who'd have thought the concept would turn out to be a double-edged sword?
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So, since I became an official author, I pretty much retired from writing fanfiction. But in recent years, I'd been looking over some novelizations of old Sierra games, which I've been a huge fan of since my childhood. And I'm sorry to say, that I could do better. So that's what I'm aiming to do. Strictly speaking, these novelizations that I'm planning to write are going to be fanfictions, but if all goes well, maybe I might actually be able to publish them. Of course, I won't bore my readers with all that garbage about Daventry's history or any of that background stuff that most fans of the games probably don't care to read about. (Sorry, Peter.) I also won't make Roger Wilco ramble on about every little thing, like the author of a certain Space Quest book did. One thing I am considering though, since I learned that Space Quest was originally going to let the player choose their hero's gender, is writing two versions of that series. In the second version, Roger and Beatrice
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Thanks for the fav on Y'shaati! :+fav:

Feel free to check my gallery if you wanna see more of her!

Thanks for the favs! You like Warcraft feet don't you? :) You must check out my other Works!

You open to requests at the moment? Nice artworks and renders btw. :)

Thank you. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be prepared to take requests. There's only so many materials that I have access to, some of which took me a long time to find - like Jill Valentine's S.T.A.R.S. outfit and the text balloons. I also have virtually no drawing skill, so any artworks I post are commissions from other artists. Though, if I could, I would gladly do commissions myself.

Would you be able to draw more of Zara?

Believe me, if I could, I absolutely would in a heartbeat. But alas, I'm just the commissioner. This artist was the one who drew her: https://www.deviantart.com/xplotter