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Pretendo Version 2

By Jackster3000
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For those of you who saw the Pretendo (Nintendo) Font spread throughout the web, just to note that I actually created it, and was my very first font too. During the time, I used mostly Font Creator Program for it and some of an older version for Fontlab too. But sadly, it looked nothing like what the Nintendo looked like, but I posted it anyways. Now, now that I have Illustrator and have good skills apon it, I was able to remake the font to look a little bit better than the first version. Enjoy this new font.

Nintendo logo © Nintendo
Art and font © Me
© 2004 - 2021 Jackster3000
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LyricOfficial did it better with "Nintend".

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dude, don't diss him like that

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I'm not dissing him -- I'm just showing him your font.

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i know, i know, sorry

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Wow dude, thank you very much! Really! Your work will help us a lot.

Do you know who made the sufami font by chance? It looks like the font used on the Super Famicom. It used to be all over the web, and now it's next to impossible to find.
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Could you make a Version 3? (with numbers, punctuation, etc.)
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Thank you very much for sharing this, it looks awesome. 
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Thanks a lot for this. As you can tell by the profile picture I used this font. Keep up the great work!
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You aught to be proud of yourself for doing such fonts. kutgw :-D
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Font works great, tnx. To ppl saying "I need this" - "I need that" - go on, use Lucida for numbers or specialchars, be creative, woo-hoo!
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I used it here [link] , it came in real handy :-)
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I used this here: [link]

Thanks!! :D
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can you please add numbers and symbols to this font?
I wish numbers were added to the font.
Great work btw.
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the font is really good, but you can't type numbers or these characters:


Can you revise that, please?
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i need this font, but i need numbers :(
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Hi, I've used your font here: [link]

I credited you and linked to this deviation in the comment :)
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