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TG Caption GIF (short) - Lesbians

"Why and how did you turn me into a girl again?"

"Don't worry about how."

"And why?"

"I decided I'm into girls now." 


"They're way more fun to squeeze."

H-hey! Where are you grabbing?!" 

"See? Girls feel way nicer."

"Aaahhh! Let me go!"

"No way, I'm not done playing with you yet."

"Uuunnnhhhhh! Stop grabbing me there. Aaaaahhh! F-feeels s-so..."

"It feels good right? Don't you wanna stay in this body?"

"N-no. Change me b- aaaaahh! Hey! Stop d-doing th- aaaahh!" 

"Just give in. I know you love this. I know you wanna stay like this." 

"N-no I- uuunnnnhhh!" 

"C'mon you still love me don't you?"

"W-well... yeah."

"So won't you stay like this for me? I really wanna keep dating you."

"Well... I don't- aaaahh!"

"Just say yes." 


"I knew you'd come around. Trust me, you're better this way."

"I-if you say so... Can you let me go now?"

"Nah, I'm gonna play with you for a couple more hours."

"But- AAAAAHHHH! W-wait, don't put your fingers in yet! I'm not ready for- uuuuunnnnhh!"

"Shhhhhh, just let it happen."
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kermit6frosch's avatar

"Well Doc, give her the tetanus shot and the hepatitis shot up her ass. Those great glutes are just waiting for the longest and thickest needle possible to be stuck in them." :D

Mangogirl1's avatar
Love it ,, my Dream
Feet1966's avatar
Such a nice grip
MasterOfSkeletons's avatar
well now what do we have here? ;3
blowjobqueen's avatar
I want to rub that girl

Well I sang her to rub me

blowjobqueen's avatar
blowjobqueen's avatar
Where's the gif from? Asking for a friend ofc...
Found it on the steam workshop ages ago, the girl in it is named Krystal Boyd
LukeStarkiller77's avatar
One of the greatest gifs I have ever seen :D
Jreem1234's avatar
I want to be the one who’s ass is getting rubbed.
Dennis123Smth's avatar
So great girlfriend
TGCapsLover's avatar
yeah, let it happen!! sexy gif cap!
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