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Heavy Equipment

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again i converted famous fx cursor for those who hate cursor fx or simply can't use it
and this is the link of the original one if you like FX and want to apply it or give a thanks for the man who create it
and again if the author of the original one Object on this conversion just tell me and i will remove it and again
off course the cursor looks smaller than that one in cursorfx
that because the masking that FX make do not exist in windows engine ,,but it still fully animated

if you have any cursorfx theme you want to convert just send it me or send the link and you will find a post for it in this section

fell free to comment this post
i always accept advises

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Nice job man. ('-')\\ a salute to you.
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I think it's too small.
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looks great bro keep up!
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thanks a lot
looks great
great job
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as always, great cursors jack..thanks!
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Nice work!..I love it..^^
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nice cursor friend excellent works
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Haha, this looks wonderful! I'm going to try them! :D
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very cool...i was wondering when you would upload a new one i only get cursors from you all these other peps make it so freaking complicated(you gotta download a freaking software then you download it and it makes the cursor look over sized on purpose so you have to buy the software in order to resize it....blah..blah...blah..)...thanks for keeping it simple (when it comes to installing)
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will i have made a lot of them in the last weeks but during the things happens in my country and the massive attack on me here on DA claiming that i don't have permission to post this i had to stop i have believe that DA admins who support art for art not for personal reasons will not just support me but support the truth as will
the thing i find wired that non of you guys -my fans -supported me in this war between me and stardock company which i found disappointed through my efforts to give you a free service without asking in return for anything
i'm still standing anyway and i will defend what i believe no matter what happen
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wow...i had no idea you where having issues just for posting cool cursors....i thank you for what you do and thk all the cursors are great regardless of what those pep say...f**k them money hungry trolls.... (-_-)\,,/
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