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again i converted famous fx cursor for those who hate cursor fx or simply can't use it
and this is the link of the original one if you like FX and want to apply it or give a thanks for the man who create it…
and again if the author of the original one Object on this conversion just tell me and i will remove it and again
off course the cursor looks smaller than that one in cursorfx
that because the masking that FX make do not exist in windows engine ,,but it still fully animated

if you have any cursorfx theme you want to convert just send it me or send the link and you will find a post for it in this section

fell free to comment this post
i always accept advises

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Thanks for sharing

I gave you a score of 100.

nice blue style

how i can get the link? thx

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you seem to like ad revenue and giving people viruses

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it's fixed now and BTW that's wired i never uploaded anything out of DA and never benefited from any of my works someone must hacked my DA account and done this sorry for the inconvenience
this was great, thanks
nice and cute
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i am using it right now its cool and awesome.. but where is the link select?
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lovely,reminds me of blake's 7
a little botsmall :/
So on my last windows installation I had the "link select" cursor as a normal cursor only pointing straight ahead. can't remember how i did that though
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thx im using it :DD
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Tks you very much <3
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