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this one was made as request from ajikangb [link]
again i converted famous fx cursor for those who hate cursor fx or simply can't use it
and this is the link of the original one if you like FX and want to apply it or give a thanks for the man who create it
and again if the author of the original one Object on this conversion just tell me and i will remove it and again
off course the cursor looks smaller than that one in cursorfx
that because the masking that FX make do not exist in windows engine ,,but it still fully animated

if you have any cursorfx theme you want to convert just send it me or send the link and you will find a post for it in this section

fell free to comment this post
i always accept advises

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Awesome cursor set

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Nice cursor, thank you very much. I have an issue, the cursor is locked after a few minutes to use, it freezes and restarts on periods of time, Do you know why that happens?

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i love it. the smooth animations are soo cool. THANKS!
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i love that cursor. so amazing. Thanks so much
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another to be removed.
Admin Wincustomize.com
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I dont think i requested this one but still looks great :)

Thanks alot bro.
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you didn't that's weird i thought that's the one sorry honest mistake
i hope you like this
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Nice one! I like the colors a lot, I must use it!
Thank you very much!
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thanks finally i made another one you like
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Very nice. Great job on the port.
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how to use it ???? plzz help !!
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just right click on install.inf and click install wait til it finish then go to control panel>mouse>pointers
and choose your scheme
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love it great job
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thanks and for the fave too
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thanks and for the fave too
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