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Addicted to You {Chapter Thirteen} ~Anti’s P.O.V~ When Anti awoke, he first heard shouting, followed by faint beeping to his left. Anti pressed his eyes together lightly before slowly opening them. The white walls and lights made his head throb, gradually pushing him into a sitting position, and a pair of hands were placed on his chest, forcing him back down onto his back."Don't move Ant, Dark messed you up big time." A harsh voice grumbled, their tone tinged with tiredness and concern. Anti hardened his thinking, remembering the previous night when Dark's aura took over after he hurt Jack. He's now out of control, slaughtering people as his aura spreads over town. Anti pushed off the pair of hands and sat up again. "Dude honestly, stop," the voice sighed. The voice Anti recognized as Marvin yelled.“I have to get back, Dark needs me.” Anti hissed, pushing the pain to the back of his mind. “You and I both know who he needs, and it ain’t you,” Marvin growled. “No! Dark would murder him. We need Jack to live." Anti yelled, flailing his hands in the air."He's our only option, Anti; if Dark's aura isn't brought under control soon, more people will perish." Marvin exhaled a sigh.Anti nibbled his bottom lip, knowing the cat magician was correct; he had to choose between his best friend and risking his life in the hope that the human could weave some miracle to tame the shadow devil. "Someone should still go with him because Dark is unpredictable right now," Anti reasoned.“Mark already volunteered,” Marvin stated. Anti sucked in air as he knotted his brows together. "Was Amy all right with that?" He questioned.“Mark didn’t seem to mention it to her, but he seemed armament about going. He kept rambling on about him owing Dark.” Marvin informed him. “Was Wilford and the others okay with that?” The static demon questioned once more. “No, but Wilford was too desperate to save Dark to care,” Marvin replied. Anti sighed, understanding what Mark meant by "owning Dark." Everyone who knew them understood that they weren't always that close. Dark would do anything to kill Mark and seize control of the channel, and he has tried several times. Amy brought them together, despite Dark's claims that it was his ego and how important Mark was to his plans. All it took for the two mortal adversaries to be pulled together was Amy being kidnapped by Actor; now they were like brothers, Dark would kill anyone who messed with the love birds, and Mark would drop anything for the ego. Amy was the one who performed the miracle; now it was the time of his creator. The kid who tamed the Shadow Devil's heart, Anti smirked. Even though Anti would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous, he wasn't sure if he was nervous for himself or Jack. “So we’re just supposed to sit here and expect to do nothing?” Anti quizzed, a little harsher than he wanted. The magician smirked, “If you want to be pummeled to death, be my guest. For now, you’re going to rest before you pop one of your stitched and I have to fix them…again.” Marvin ordered. Anti sighed, laying back down, Marvin put a hand on the other’s shoulder squeezing slightly. “Dude I just don’t understand why you don’t trust Jack. You’re acting like we need to but Dark down like he’s a rabid animal, he’s hurt. Scared even for the first time in a long time man.” Marvin said softly. Anti flinched at the question, knowing how much pain Dark was in. He knew the magic had worn off days ago and what he felt was true, but he was afraid to say it because he was supposed to be the leader. Anti was the only one who was allowed to know the secret. Anti initially mistook his striking out at Dark for terror, fearing that his love for Jack would replace their friendship. But it was because Anti knew his friend was dying, and he would never secretly play videogames with him again, or Wilford would secretly go on a sugar rush excursion with Dark. After this was over, there was no happy ending. Dark was going to expire at the end of the night. Wilford would lead the Egos, leaving Anti alone. Of course, he'd never blame Jack for anything; all he wanted was for Dark to feel the same way. The poor soul has fallen for the King of broken hearts far too late.All Jack needed to hear was, "I love you, too." But he won't hear them again after tonight....
Addicted to You {Chapter Twelve} ~Dark’s P.O. V~“Fucking hell!” Dark cursed loudly, kicking an old box across the roof. Entangling his hands into his messy raven hair, why did he have to push Sean? All he remembered was them arguing, as well as a sudden fury that had to get out. Letting out a shaky breath, he hurt Jack…whenever dark closed his eyes all he could see was Jack’s terrified eyes and the blood. The monochrome demon took great pride in controlling his anger, it was why he was the leader, he was levelheaded. Only lashing out a handful of times, groaning the older male squeezed his shut while pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes. Trying to relieve the pressure in his head.Dark growled to himself, blinking the tears that threatened to spill out of the corners of his eyes. His head throbbed, and Dark’s throat felt like it was being constricted, and he let out a shuddered breath. His eyes burned as he wiped the hot tears from his pale face. The older male’s mind went back to Jack, the demon was lucky it was just his hand that got cut. If Dark pushed him any harder, it was hard to tell what would have happened. Shaking his head, Dark glanced down at his shaky hands, half of him wanted to run. Run to the end of the earth and make sure nobody finds him, but that would make the Ego’s leaderless, Anti and Wilford would be without their best friend which would cause everyone to have a hard time.The other half of Dark wanted to run home into Jack’s arms and beg for forgiveness. But that could lead to the older male being dumped, not just by Jack, he could lose any progress he made with Mark. Kicking another box, Dark screamed, screamed until whatever air was left in his lungs was gone. Panting softly, the older male buried his hands into his hands something in Dark’s brain snapped, he could feel it, whimpering Dark fell to his knees, body shaking. Before his aura started cracking, causing everything around the demon to lose its color. His eyes blinked from their usual red and blue whenever he was angry to pink before the pupils of his eyes disappeared and were replaced by the colors of blue and red.Shortly after everything around the demon turned black and cold, Dark’s shadow tendrils dug into the building slowly morphing into the building into a large stone tower, while large black spikes shot from the windows forcing themselves up towards the sun. Blood seeped from the spikes, dowsing the side of the large tower in crimson, Dark let out another pained whimper, as his shadows started wrapping around his body, as he dug his fingers into either side of his head. Tears streamed down his face, Dark’s aura bounced around him, causing more of the buildings to lose their coloration and morph into smaller towers. It wasn’t long after before Dark lost consciousness.~Jack’s P. O. V~Jack bounced his leg nervously, biting the end of his thumb. “Jack, you need to calm down, you know they’ll find him.” Mark soothed, rubbing the back of the other’s back.“He could be halfway across the world right now Mark, it’s my fault he’s out there. If I didn’t put that potion in his coffee….” Jack trailed off.“You didn’t know this would happen, you had to tell him,” Mark argued.“I’ve never seen him so angry.” Jack sobbed.Mark scoffed softly, “Honestly, I’ve seen him angry, but never hurt anyone.” Mark said.“The worst part is I don’t know if this is Dark getting sicker or if this is a part of the spell.” The other sighed, rubbing his hands together.“Is that possible? For the potion to wear off and Dark to last out?” Mark asked standing.“I don’t know, the witch never gave me an instruction manual.” Jack scoffed.“I’m serious Sean, if this is because of the spell that could mean that Dark’s getting better.” He pointed out.“How?” Jack asked shaking his head.Before Mark could open his mouth to speak, the building shook, causing Mark to lose his balance. Jack gripped the side of the couch tightly, once the building settled Mark slowly walked toward the window, his eyes widening. “J-J-Jack…” He stammered.“What’s wrong?” Jack quizzed cautiously joining Mark. Jack’s eyes landed on the large tower, swallowing thickly he opened his mouth but nothing, but air came out. “W-W-What is that?” He whispered.“I don’t know…But I think we better find that witch and fast.” Mark answered.“What can she do?” Jack asked.“If we find her, we can force her to cure Dark,” Mark said.“Would she even be able to do that? Witches usually cast spells to last not have a reverse button.” Jack snorted.“Only one way to find out,” Mark replied, grabbing Jack’s hand, and rushed to the door.~Anti’s P. O. V~“Damn that bubblegum bastard,” Anti muttered as he walked down the crowded sidewalk. Wilford of course had the bright idea to split up to find his other bastard of a friend. Anti sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets when a sudden power surge caused Anti to grab his chest and cried out. Anti’s heart thudded in his ears; his eyes frantically scanned around him. Anti opened his mouth to speak but only air came out when another wave of pain coursed through his body. Gasping, Anti shook his head, scanning around him once more, catching the faint red and blue static coming from a few different places. “D-Dark…” He whimpered. Inhaling, Anti slowly stood, scanning the sidewalk, before taking off east. Anti continued running until a large black building came into view, the pain seemed to ease away the closer Anti got to the building before he let out a shaky breath. “D-Dark!” Anti shouted.Anti waited a few minutes when he felt something wrapping around his leg and then pulling him towards the ground. The glitch demon landed on the ground with a hard thud, his ears rang while his vision blurred. Closing his eyes, Anti quickly glitched in and out, landing in a nearby alleyway. The glitch demon poked his head out from the alleyway, noticing the building was vibrating, with red and blues bouncing around like a protective shield. “F-Fuck…Your aura broke…” Anti cursed to himself before ducking back into the alleyway. Anti has only seen Dark’s aura breaking a few times, last time it happened was when his parents found out that the three of them were hanging out. Earning him the nickname Shadow Devil, the town barely recovered from Dark’s tantrum, but this was more than a tantrum.Those who lived claimed Dark’s shadows were alive and they were the ones to take the most lives. Most cowered whenever they saw him the next day, others didn’t believe the town’s folk’s rumors and continued with their lives. This was something else, something deep in Dark’s core snapped, and now he’s powerless to his aura. Taking a few deep breaths, Anti quickly teleported to the building roof, swiftly dodging the large shadow tentacle that slammed down. “D-Dark it’s me, stop!” Anti shouted, jumping to the left. Anti was caught up in his head to notice that one of Dark’s shadow’s wrapped around his leg, squeezing until a loud snap filled the air.Anti’s brain took a few minutes to catch up before his eyes widened and Anti released a scream. The shadow continued squeezing, biting down his lip Anti quickly laid his hands down on the shadow sending a pulse of high-pitched ringing. The Shadow screeched, withdrawing itself back into the large tower. Anti pushed himself onto his feet, wincing as he limped towards the tower. “Seamair Dhubh” Anti whispered, leaning his head on the tower, feeling the cool stone against his hot skin. “Please I know you’re in there, don’t let your powers control you, come home. Jack’s worried.” He whispered once more.Another shadow shot from above Anti, quickly coming down towards him. Anti squeezed his eyes shut until a loud screeching shook the building. Anti slowly opened his eyes, and a soft pink bubble formed around him, holding the shadow back. “Had to start the party without me huh?” Wilford questioned next to him.“I-I-It’s Dark…His aura….” Anti panted before passing out....
Addicted to You {Chapter Eleven}~Jack’s P.O. V~Jack lost track of how long it had been, his attention was on the floor when another wet harsh cough echoed through the house. Bouncing his knee nervously, the younger male wanted to curl up and disappear at this point. Even knowing that Marvin managed to find the ingredients, the fear still seemed in Jack’s brain. Dark had regained consciousness a few days ago, but his fever was still high enough to cause alarm. After dark woke up it took Jack a week to convince his best friend that he was needed at home and there was nothing for him to do here anymore. Mark wanted to stay just in case there was a lapse in Dark’s condition, and he would help Jack cope or take care of the monochrome demon for him. But no Jack insisted, this was his fault, and he would see it through. Even if it ends with him being a murderer.Jack didn’t hear the bedroom door open, followed by soft footsteps into the living room until his boyfriend plopped down onto the couch beside him, causing him to yelp slightly. “Don’t do that.” He sighed, putting a hand on his chest while the older laughed, which sent him into a coughing fit.“Still waiting for Marvin?” Dark questioned.Jack stared at the older male for a few minutes before speaking, “How did you know I was waiting for Marvin?” He asked.“You’ve been staring at your phone like you’re waiting for a sexy picture,” Dark answered jokingly. He sighed then set a hand onto Jack’s, “I’m sure whatever you’re waiting for he’ll answer you soon.” Dark said.“I’m just worried about you,” Jack sighed.“I’m fine, stop worrying. You’re going to get wrinkles.” Dark said tapping Jack’s forehead.“Too late, I’m already scared and worried Dark, you passed out.” Jack insisted.“I’m awake now, this isn’t your fault, Jack,” Dark reassured him.“But it is my fault…” Jack thought biting down on his lower lip. Jack took a deep breath looking at the monochrome demon, “It is my fault, and I’ve been lying to you.” Jack started.“What are you talking about?” dark questioned cocking his head to the side.“Do you remember the night I came to the mansion, and we talked in your office?” Jack quizzed.“Sort of, I remember you leaving than when you came back, we were together,” Dark answered rubbing the back of his head, then coughed into his fist.“Okay, okay well. I came to you that night and professed my love for you Dark.” Jack started speaking.“Yeah, which led us to be together, Jack I don’t know why we have to keep talking about this…” He sighed pinching the bridge of his nose.“That’s not how it happened, and I need to tell you what happened before it’s too late!” Jack yelled.“Jack, I love you, but you’re being paranoid. Nothing is going to happen to me.” Dark insisted waving his hand in front of him while coughing.Jack let out a frustrated groan, digging his fingers into the side of his head. “I’m not being paranoid; everyone knows but you!” Jack suddenly shouted. They were silent for a long minute, staring at each other.Dark stood, his hands balled into fists, “I don’t like being made of a fool of Jack.” He growled.“I’m not trying to; I just need you to understand your memories are slightly jumbled,” Jack whispered standing, taking the older male’s hand into his.“I’m not Wilford! I remember just fine!” Dark shouted slipping his hand from Jack’s bringing it to his face.“I’m not saying you are Darkie; I just need you to know the truth,” Jack whispered, putting a hand on the demon’s shoulder.Dark slapped Jack’s hand away, his eyes shined pink and dull, “How can I trust you if you are lying to me! If what I am feeling is a lie, then am I just some toy you want to string along for your own sick game?” Dark shouted pushing Jack.Jack stumbled, before falling through the glass table in between them. Yelping as one of the sharp edges of broken glass cut Jack’s hand. Dark stood frozen; his eyes wide with hot tears streaming down his face. A flash of guilt crossed his face as he glanced at your bloody hand, but it was gone almost as soon as it appeared when Dark quickly blinked away.~Hours Later~Jack didn’t remember picking up his phone and calling Mark, he didn’t remember calling Anti which is why it was so shocking for him to show up with Mark and Wilford at his doorstep. “Are you okay!” Mark shouted, grabbing Jack’s hand, causing him to wince.“I said I am fine; I need to go find Dark,” Jack argued.“You want to go find him after he hurt you?” Mark questioned.“He didn’t mean it, he was just upset, I was laying a lot on him quickly.” Jack sighed, looking down at his feet.“You tried to tell him the truth?” Anti asked.“Yeah…he got upset I was questioning his memory. He said he was a toy.” Jack answered. “He’s getting worse, his eyes… were solid pink…” Jack added.“Have you heard from Marvin yet?” Mark asked while cleaning Jack’s hand. Causing him to wince, and pulling his hand away, Mark waited for a few seconds before gently taking the other male’s hand once more. “You’re going need stitches.” He announced.“Can we worry about me later and focus on Dark?” Jack asked.“I know you're worried, man, but if Dark doesn’t want to be found, you’re not going to find him. Even Will and I don’t know where he goes sometimes.” Anti said.“Why did I have to fall in love with him? His life was so much better without me fucking it up.” Jack groaned, leaning against the counter.“I don’t know better, but you could have found a different way to get him to notice you,” Wilford said. Anti jabbed Wilford with his elbow quickly, Wilford squeaked rubbing his side while glaring at Anti. “But don’t worry we’ll find him.” He added quickly.“How?” Jack asked, running a hand down his face.“Wilford and I will cover the city; we have a few ideas. Meanwhile, you should let Mark take you to the Manor to get your hand checked out.” Anti said with a smile.“I can’t just sit by and let you two fix my mistake, I killed your best friend,” Jack said putting a hand on his chest.“Dark’s not dead yet, you may have gotten him sick but dark’s a fighter even if he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with him. Besides I don’t think he’d fight this hard if he didn’t have feelings for you.” Anti said squeezing jack’s shoulder gently.“What he feels for me is fake, when he is better, he’s going kill me.” Jack forced out a laugh.“You’d be surprised…” Wilford said grabbing Anti’s side, pulling him close before disappearing in a pink cloud of smoke.
Addicted to You {Chapter Ten} ~Marvin's P.O. V~The harsh rain beat down on me, while the mosquitos buzzed loudly in my ears. Sweat dripped down either side of his head. Exhaling loudly Marvin wiped the sweat from his brow leaning against the tree nearby. The cat Magician had been walking for hours without a sign or clue where this magic flower was. Marvin was half tempted to turn around and forget about this crazy mission, but he knew his morals wouldn't allow him to abandon his creator. Pushing himself off the tree Marvin continued walking further into the jungle, pushing the thick vines from his face. His mission was anything but easy, he was trekking through the Jungle for a flower that could or could not be real for his creator who fell in love with his brother's best friend. It was complicated, to say the least, Marvin loved Jack and considered him a brother as well. He would do anything for Jack, but to be honest he didn't think that the human would fall for the shadow demon. Or the fact he could even put Dark under a spell so simple as a love potion. Which confused Marvin, if Dark is as powerful as Mark says then how did he get affected by a simple love potion?Marvin continued walking for a few more hours before he came to a large cliff side. Swallowing thickly observing the cliff slide for a few minutes before noticing a speck of pink on one of the ledges. Slinging off his bag, Marvin bent down and unzipped his bag pulling his book out carefully. Sitting down Marvin sighed softly as he flipped through the pages until he found the page he was looking for. "Starlight Flower: Said to cure magical properties," Marvin muttered rolling his eyes. "This better work." Is all he thought snapping the book closed. Standing, the older male glanced up the cliff once more. His first thought was to levitate to the flower, but that would risk his magic reacting to whatever magic the flower possessed. If it had any.Biting his lower lip, he could also teleport but that is risking the small ledge would hold his weight. Exhaling loudly as his phone buzzed in his pocket. Looking down at his pocket, Marvin pulled the phone from his pocket, being a magician had its quirks, one of Marvin's favorite spells was making his phone be able to have bars anywhere, he mainly used his phone for emergencies, he normally used his telepathy to communicate with the others. Jack was calling, of course, he was, as much as he loved the human, he was growing very annoying with his calls. Rolling his eyes, Marvin held the device to his ear."Have you found the antidote yet?" Jack shouted.Wincing, Marvin pulled the phone from his ear. "Yes, I found part of the antidote, there is just a small problem with it," Marvin explained."What kind of problem?" Jack hissed."I have found the pollen and the petals we need to combine but I am missing a few more ingredients." Marvin sighed.'How many do you need!?" Jack shouted; Marvin could hear him throwing his arms up in the air."My book says three, it should be easy Jack I already have two," Marvin said.Jack inhaled then exhaled softly, "I'm sorry, Dark's getting worse Marv, and I'm scared." Jack whispered his voice trembling. "It's my fault he's sick, I see how weak he's getting, and I can't help but think how much I fucked everything up for everyone." Jack wept."You didn't screw everything up Jack, we'll fix this." Marvin tried to reassure him. "You can't help who you fall in love with." He added with a sigh."But I did Marv! Anti and Wilford are going to lose their best friend because of me! "He shouted."Jack breathed, first off, I will do anything to save Dark. Secondly, what's going on that has you s riled up?" He questioned."dark passed out, We were arguing over something stupid, and I stormed off leaving him alone for a minute," Jack explained."Is he okay? He didn't hit his head or anything?" Marvin quizzed."I don't think so, he has a fever and hasn't regained consciousness." Jack trembled."Alright, just keep trying to bring his fever down. I'll do my best to make it back in time Jack, but you need to start thinking about if I don't." Marvin sighed.Jack didn't say anything for a few seconds, Marvin could hear his shaky breath on the other end which clenched his heart, he never heard the human cry and he the magician hoped he'd never hear the day. "I've been thinking about that day when Dark started getting sicker..." He trailed off."Just hang in there a little bit longer man," Marvin said before hanging up. Turning his attention back toward the cliff side, Marvin clicked his tongue before walking closer to the wall. Closing his eyes as a green aura surrounded him, the cat magician slowly lifted himself off the ground descending up to the small ledge. Humming softly, Marvin reached out for the flower, wobbling in the air for a few minutes before stabilizing himself once more. Gently plucking the flower, the cat magician pocketed the delicate flower, slowly lowering himself onto the ground."Two down, one to go," Marvin muttered. Scooping up his backpack quickly, Marvin closed his eyes as the green aura surrounded him once more. In a blink of an eye, he was back at the house. It took a few more days for Marvin to find the last ingredient, it involved him going down to China Town and talking to numerous 'witches' Marvin shuddered at the thought. Cocking his head to the side, Marvin started grinding the petals with the other ingredients, watching the water slowly turn pink. Biting his lower lip, he let out a sigh nodding his head before adding the pollen waiting for a few minutes before looking down at his book."Now wait three weeks...." He muttered.
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Hello I run a sonic fan group, anyone who has Irish the Hedgehog art please join us! If you don't wish to join, you can link us your art so we can favorite it! TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES!

01ReihanehDraw Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can I make a link to one of my recent posts on reddit?
01ReihanehDraw Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
helloo! :3
jacksepticeyefan3160 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2019  Student Digital Artist
i enjoyed watching jack playing happy wheels even though i played it bloody brilliant
TazzyTac Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2019
Hey, you can go ahead and use my drawing in you videos. That was just a quick five minute drawing so there are likely to be more and better ones.
3DShe Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2019  Student Interface Designer
Ok TazzyTac :)
jacksepticeyefan3160 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2019  Student Digital Artist
hello everyone
BUN-BUN456 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2019
can I please become a member of this group
DestanyWillows Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Just press "Join our Group" at the top of the page and press "Request" ((You don't have to put an invite message)). If you can't see a button on the top of the page saying so, ask one of leaders of the group to invite you. :3
BUN-BUN456 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2019
Thank you so much!
DestanyWillows Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2019  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome, my dude. Smile 
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Taikeero-Lecoredier Featured By Owner May 30, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey,um,i made a fusion of mark and jack and the appropriate folders for it seems to be full D : if you can fix it,it'd be great,thank you!
InnuDoggy Featured By Owner May 25, 2019   Traditional Artist
Could you please add a folder for ego art? ^^
CitrusPearl Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um, the folders are full again. 
Luci-Morningstar Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019  Hobbyist
I feel that the Wiishu and Septicshu folders need to be removed now as well as Signe's social medias from the welcome section, and also the Jacksepticeye folder is full, so maybe make a 2nd one?
Markimoofan863 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2019   Artist
so um.. you guys going to get rid of the Wishu and Septicshu folders?  
LadyEl Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2019
I have a favour to ask of JackSepticeye fans but I didn't want to join the group just to ask (I figured that'd be kind of tacky). I have a corrupted image of a pink 'Sammi Septiceye" plushie and I was wondering if I could send a post asking for help? Or send the corrupted image to see if anyone recognises it?

I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!!
pinkster777 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2019  Student Digital Artist
I want to submit something but it says the folder is full. What do I do?
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pma is in your dna
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