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Spider Dance“Annnd… c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!.. aaah! Not again!” “And the winner is the unbeatable Dark of Heartness!” Bim announced and ducked to avoid a sneaker tossed at him by Anti. The Gems had just been introduced to videogames (Felix brought his old game console to their house), specifically to battle ones like Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat, and eventually it had turned into a makeshift tournament. Everyone present had played at least once, and, surprisingly, Dark appeared to be the best player – and seemingly the most indifferent. His four-eyed face did not show any hints of emotions when he won, while the rest (especially Anti, Roman and Remus) were practically sparkling with excitement and annoyance. “It’s unfair,” Anti grumbled. “You basically have two brains, and that helps you.” “I think it doesn’t matter, Anti,” Amy stated. “Look, the Host almost managed to beat him.” “Almost.” Anti made a wry mouth. “The Host has his own tricks with omniscience, but even they do not always work.” The Host did not reply, only combed a stray lock of hair behind his ear. “My turn now,” Patton stated, taking the gamepad from Anti. “I’ll try to avenge you… Hey, where’s Virgil? I bet he would’ve been glad to try it.” Indeed, the all-purple Charoite, aka Virgil, was nowhere to be seen. “I-I think he hadn’t left his room.” This was said by Eric, whose ‘gem species’ was Snowflake Obsidian. “He’s b-been… practicing something strange. I-I’ve heard hissing noises.” “I’ll have a look.” Amy stood up. “Signe and I will make sure that they won’t break anything in here.” Felix gave her a big wink, and Amy hurried to Virgil’s room. Eric was right: strange noises were heard from behind it, like an angry cat hissing and then howling. The Gems were tolerant to animals… were they? Amy knocked on the door, and it turned quiet. In some moment the door opened, and Virgil’s head with dark purple bangs hanging all over his face stuck out. “Why don’t you come downstairs and have a video game battle with us?” she asked. “I think you’re gonna like it.” “Bet I will.” Virgil smiled lop-sidedly. “But I have to finish my exercising for today.” “What kind of exercising?” “Come in.” Virgil’s room appeared to be a classic representation of a teenager keen on all kinds of spooky things: web (Amy hoped that it was fake) in all possible corners, posters of hard rock groups and Halloween-themed movies, amulets, magic-themed books and, of course, spider curtains. Amy recalled that Patton was afraid of spiders – so this is why he had always avoided entering Virgil’s room when doing full-scale house cleaning. “I’ve been practicing my transformation skills,” Virgil explained. “Remember, when we got Yancy, the Host helped me transform into a spider-person? And when he was telling that angel story, Marvin gave me a new winged form? Was attempting to keep them by myself.” To prove his statement, he grew eight spider legs from his back (his jacket must’ve had a hole, because Amy did not hear fabric ripping) and eight eyes, but in five seconds the extra features were gone, and he plunked down. “The worst thing is that I’ve learned how to change my appearance, but I can’t hold it for too long. Skin is another question… Sorry, I’ve loaded you with this all.” “It’s all right, Virgil. On the contrary, I am interested,” Amy said. And she told the truth. “Wish I could change my outside like you can.” “You humans are much more complex beings, and it is cool.” Virgil attempted another transformation, this time less complicated: his eyes got completely black with purple irises and tear-like black lines showed themselves on his cheeks. The next words were said in deep howling voice, as if from a basement: “Thiiiiis one is a ghooooost-type.” However, this transformation did not last long and in addition made him cough like crazy. “I’m sure you are not going to cope with this on your own,” Amy stated. “It’s great that you figured stage one out, but others may know more… Do you know who’s the current battle game winner?” “Bet it’s Roman.” “Wrong.” “Google?” “Wrong again.” “Chase?” “No way.” “I give up.” “It’s Dark.” “Dark?” Virgil parroted. “And I think I know why. Roman and Chase just smash all the buttons at the same time and Google has an opposite problem: he calculates the best combinations and takes it too seriously. But Dark… I guess that his two souls found a balance of both these things.” “Sounds reasonable,” Virgil mused. “Okay, let’s go and kick some Dark butts.” They returned to the living room right on time to see Bing roar with irritation: he had just lost his round to Logan, who was subtly smiling to himself. Dark was observing the process with his usual expression: his eyebrows were knit together in a frown, but his bottom pair of eyes was relaxed. The next pair to play was Robbie and Eric. And where did their usual clumsiness and awkwardness go? Now they were practically burning with thrill of the competition. And – funny thing – although Robbie’s reaction was slower than Eric’s, he was up there with his opponent. “Speaking about spiders… Felix, do you have Undertale along the games on your console?” Amy asked. “Yeah, guess it’s there,” Felix replied, swinging his legs in the air (he was lying on the floor, belly down). “What is it?” “I guess you will like it, Virge. Especially the purple spider girl. What was it there? You’ve been invited to my spider dance, spider dance, spider dance…” “So move along with me and clap your hands, clap your hands, clap your hands,” Felix caught up (completely out of key), having caused Patton to let out a small ‘eek’. Virgil decided to play his round versus Jackie, and Remus lost no time in flopping next to Amy. “So, what was my brother dear doing there? Breeding snakes? Choking cats? Speaking unknown languages?” he asked, not worried about being heard: the rooting shouts from most other Gems were covering everything else. However, Virgil heard him, for he nodded at Amy and returned to his fight. “Practicing his transformation skills.” “Coooooool!” Remus exclaimed, his neon green eyes sparkling (it was odd that they did not start spiraling like Warfstache’s). “You know, if I were him, I would’ve made those legends of haunted houses come true! Howling poltergeists, grim grinning ghosts…” “Swamp monsters.” Amy could not keep herself from saying it, for Remus for some reason had always reminded her of some dumpster monster. Perhaps because of his attitude? He never cared about being clean, like now: his mouth was surrounded with dark brown edging. Chocolate. Thank goodness not soap. “Now that’s an idea.” Having tossed his gamepad to Kingie, Virgil returned to his place. “Gotta try it. Haunted houses… I did not think that I’ll say it, but thank you Remus.”...
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