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The Accident
I loved her and she loved me.
Just like  two love bird hanging on a tree.
I was about to show her what she meant to me,
but then I realized I had to take a pee.
I'm over at her parents house.
She pointed out the bathroom  in her clean white blouse.
I crept away quietly like a mouse.
Her parents toilet would be completely doused.
When I got there the bowl was gone.
I knew I held it in for far too long.
My bladder will erupt like the wrath of Kong.
This is the reason why sing this song.
Please stay with me,
Please stay with me,
I can't help it though if I have to pee,
Don't let everything get thrown away,
Just like a faded memory.
Don't go away,
Don't go away,
You know that I'm toilet trained anyway,
You'll feel better when the suns up I bet,
But not now when my pants are wet.
Now I'm at the mall at a urinal,
My bladder gave me the one signal.
I stood over it to take a piss.
But my aiming was wrong and I had to miss.
My face turned red and began to roast,
She saw that my pants
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Holocaust Grocery Store
I got the glass in my hand
The drink is white
Made by the cruel greedy parasite
But one thing's for sure.
I will not drink this
And support the cruelty behind all this
Pigs being lined for execution,
Cows being tortured for your milk.
Hens beak chopped off,
just for the diet that you've built.
Are we this blind?
From the grocery's that we buy  almost every time?
From the meat to the dairy and the decision you choose,
It's up to you if it's their life they lose.
I stare at the meat
laying on my plate,
Thinking of the animals gruesome fate
I will not eat this,
Flesh that was torn,
But please I want you to listen some more
Fish lungs explode from the air we breath
Turkeys being ripped apart limb by limb,
Ducks having pipes shoved down their lungs,
All because nothing has been done.
Are we this blind?
From the grocery's that we buy almost every time?
From the meat to the dairy and the decision you choose,
It's up to you if it's their life they lose.
I hold the power,
In my own hands,
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 1
Through the Eyes of a Mad Kangaroo
How do you do?
I'm Ripper Roo!
I'll use TNT and Nitro,
Just to blow up you!
I'm a doctor!
Working for Cortex!
I wrote a book!
Through the Eyes of the Vortex
I wear a straight jacket!
I drive with one foot!
I laugh at everything!
Even at things nobody understood!
The TNT goes Kaboom!
I'm utterly insane!
I'm Ripper Roo!
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 5 3
Distant Memories
I awaken from my bed at six
To step outside.
It was so foggy,
but I had to get to college.
I started my car
and drove out into the mist.
There were no cars.
The streets were dead.
I pulled into the empty parking lot,
and begin walking on the sidewalk.
I could hear each footstep I took
As it echoed across the still air.
I walked around
Wondering where everyone was.
I looked at the time on my phone
As it still read six.
Even though I was puzzled,
I continue to walk.
Not to class,
But rather to the building where the girl of my dreams was.
I walked fast paced at first,
"Alexys?" I said outloud
As my voice echoed.
The sound of a door closing responded.
I quickly reacted to the sound.
"Alexys?" I said as I jogged over to the door.
I tried to open it,
but it was locked.
I tried pulling the door again,
but it didn't budge.
I ran across the campus,
to an open flight of stairs.
As my footsteps continued to echoe
After each step up
A raspy female voice echoed in my head
"She's waiting for you"
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Image by JackRussellDog Image :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 0
Mature content
Hunger of the Wolf :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 0
Time is Gone
Are you listening?
Do you hear the wind calling for you?
The rustling leaves beneath you?
The dead trees moaning?
How do you feel?
Like you are alone?
Ice cold?
What do you smell?
The cold crisp air?
The rotting corpses?
Your own fear?
What do you taste?
The light of the moon?
Ashes of the deceased?
Your own blood?
Do you see me?
A dark figure?
Pointing at you?
Holding the scythe?
I am Death.
Your time is gone.  
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 1 0
Mature content
Eternal Love :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 2 0
The Lady in the White Dress
She stands there waiting
In her wedding dress.
All alone
In front of the single dead oaktree
In the hedge garden.
The fog lifts
As the moon shines ontop of her.
Her feelings heavy and hurt.
A tear rolls down her face
As the cool breeze moves in
With only silence filling the air.
She falls to her knees
As she waits for a promise she was given.
Wave after wave of memories torture her
As she waits there every night.
The years go by
Her soul still there waiting
And she becomes known as
The Lady in the White Dress
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 0
The Battle for Our Love
When darkness engulfed our world
I fought to keep you safe
But in the end I failed.
I once thought that our love was so strong,
that we could get through anything.
But when the shadows crashed through our door,
it had taken you away from me
I fought to get you back
Enduring more pain than anyone should encounter.
I battled not only the beast in the outer world,
but also the one I had inside of me.
I searched everywhere for you,
only to find nothing.
Everyone tells me it is a hopeless cause,
but I still can feel you in my heart.
And I know you can feel me in yours.
I know I must trust my senses
and never give up.
I will find you,
and our love will flourish once again.
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 1 2
Dragonfly and Butterfly
I have fell for you at first sight.
Always popular and hanging around the others.
So beautiful with your gorgous outter white
and inner brown color.
What chance do I have,
a Dragonfly who gazes at your beauty.
You fly with such grace,
and each time you pass by me my wings can help but get excited.
The moment you first saw me,
It was true love.
You flew over top of me
and sprinkled pollen as you sat besides me.
My breath taken.
My heart stops.
You smile at me,
And get ready to take off to the air.
Time seems to have stopped,
As the trees sway to the song of the breeze.
I fly besides you,
and dance to the beats of our hearts.
Not a worry in the world,
as it seems to revolve around  just the two of us.
As we look into each others eyes,
We sink deep into the ocean of love.
The emptiness that once resided in my heart,
Now filled with the love you gave me.
Our lives now complete,
As we can no longer be without each other.
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 1 0
Mature content
Isolation :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 0
Image by JackRussellDog Image :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 1 0
The Dog With A Voice
Hello owner
I will make amends,
After all, we are mankinds best friends.  
We try to obey,
We try to understand,
Yet you hurt us with the back of your hand.
We sit and beg,
Just as you say,
But I guess we'll get a treat another day.
We have no hands,
And don't have your speech,
So we need your help none the least.
When we tell you we have to go,
You sigh, you pant,
You moan, and groan.
We are not to sleep on the bed or couch,
Or you'll push and yell,
To do what you tell.
We want to play games with you too,
But all you do is watch a box,
Telling us how you refuse.
You step on our tails and we scream in pain,
But you continue walking,
So we have nothing to gain.
We're hungry and thirsty,
But we can not bark,
Or you'll get mad and say a weird remark.
We protect your family,
From all the dangers,
But you allow us to be touched by random strangers.
You choke us with collars,
You pull on the leash,
Just because there's someone to meet.
Yet we still obey,
And we are loyal,
For to us you
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 1 0
To My Dearest
To my dearest,
I promised you my love;
I promised you my heart
for all eternity,
and that nothing would keep seperate us.
Yet you decided to throw it away like common trash,
to be devoured by the parasites,
who have for so long tried to keep us apart.  
I am to now think that the maggot who has been at this
has finally grew its wings and flew up to your attention.
The light that you once gave me is forever surrounded by darkness,
and I have been reborn a spider who slowly crawls in these shadows.
I have made a most comfortable webbing of my home,
and those parasitic insects are attracted to it.
When they are stuck,
I wrap them in comfort.
They think the venom I inject is love,
when really they are slowly dying.
When my I finish off my prey,
I scurry to a new home to start all over again.
To my dearest I invite you,
I want you to see what you have created.
:iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 1
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That Thing :iconjackrusselldog:JackRussellDog 0 2


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