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June 24, 2021
Connection by jackrough
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Hungrier I am for love

less interested I become

with the trails you set

in sparkly crumbs.

Give me



intention backed action.

Nothing to hide.

Nothing to tolerate.

Tell me.

You crave my expansion?

I create from acceptance.

I create in vast open spaces.

In this box

I decay

into carrion.

When sensitivity is a curse;

what happens to pain?

What of all those times

we stood up howling;

fell asleep weeping?

What happens to joy;

when tears are scorned?

Or else weaponized;

minimised or dramatized?

I want to reform as soft

despite the prickly world.

My own spikes -

always in the way.

See the exhaustion;

from wishing so hard

through rain and shine

for deep connection.

Hear the the trials and errors endured

away from the safe folds of solitude.

Have mercy; I am trying.

Lead me always

again to my tribe.

2021 Helsinki
© 2021 jackrough
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raido-ehwaz's avatar

This is beautiful, and worth reading several times (as with all good poetry).

jackrough's avatar

Thank you. 💜

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Elendurwen's avatar

I think I understand you.. I also feel too sensitive to the world and to the people, unable to make a connection at a deep level because most people to me seem like they are selfish and want to take advantage. An ego-less connection - does it truly exist?

jackrough's avatar

It might not exist yet, but we are good at making our dreams come true. 💜

LindArtz's avatar

Nice work!!! :) A belated congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

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alapip's avatar

A DD! Yes! Congratulations, Jack. :) pip

jackrough's avatar

Your doing, I assume? 💜

Thank you, Pip.

Ryuzuki98's avatar

This is beautiful! The feeling oozes from this one! Congrats on the DD!

alapip's avatar

You don't seem to post often, Jack,

but when you do, it's generally

excellent, like this one. :) pip

jackrough's avatar
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