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Logo for Olivander's Wands

By JackRaz
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"Olivander's Wands Logo"
Pen&Ink, Photoshop (background texture)

*Designed for the fictional wand-maker's business in the Harry Potter books.
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kimmerv2's avatar
Just a beautiful logo!
CaliforniaWishes's avatar
Wow, looks legit! Great job!
Awesoma's avatar
Oh this was just fantastic. You obviously put a lot of work into it and it really shows
JackRaz's avatar
Thank you very much for that. Funny enough, I didn't put much work/thought into this because it was only a tiny part (literally) of a much bigger piece [link] . So it came together really fast, but I thought it was just too good to keep as a little tag, so I put out the original bigger version incase people wanted to see that by it's self. :)
Joilieder's avatar
Great logo design. Really great! I've never known how artists can draw in this style and make everything looks so real but you do it and do it well.
JackRaz's avatar
:blush: Thank you so very much for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me (especially coming from an artist as skilled as yourself). :nod:
Joilieder's avatar
You're welcome and thanks! :)
whendt's avatar
great logo design
JackRaz's avatar
whendt's avatar
your welcome
ZuzuVelian's avatar
Fantastic portret.I just love the way he looks at the wand :)
JackRaz's avatar
Well, I thought it fitting. The man does love his wands. :)
ZuzuVelian's avatar
He does indeed :)
werewolfsfan's avatar
You know, this is really the perfect logo for Olivander. I really like the period feel and that it remind's me of The Elves and the Shoemaker!
JackRaz's avatar
Thank you very much. I tried to go about designing this logo like I would if he/it were a real business, so getting the appropriate look and feel to fit the business were really important to me. Anyway, thanks again for the comment and I'm glad you liked it. :)
Valkyrja-Skuld's avatar
Great design, worthy of the wizarding world!
JackRaz's avatar
Thank you very much.
Posidendrawer's avatar
lazylinepainterjane's avatar
Great ad! It definitely looks like the kind of advert Ollivander's would have. I like the dynamic layout (exactly how a proper advert should be layed out!) and am very jealous of your linework.

I read your explanation about using coffee to age it afterwards. Very interesting! Obviously you must use some kind of non water-soluble ink. The ink I use could not be dunked into coffee without running. So, spill the beans, what ink do you use?
Shimpa-chan's avatar
Very nice technique. It looks really old, I love it. ^^
JackRaz's avatar
Thank you very much. I really appreciate the encouragement.
Shimpa-chan's avatar
It was just my opinion, I love to help.^^
morosemordant's avatar
Beautiful line work
Professor-Kirby's avatar
You've been featured in the news! :D
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