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Man she looks so menacing here. Captures her aura from the manga perfectly. 
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God I can't wait for the Dream Arc!
And I can't wait to see Neherenia in action!!
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Seriously cannot wait for the Dream Arc. I love it so much between her and how immensly powerful she is and all that it comes full circle and transpires. She makes Beryl look like a wimp and honestly I like it more than infinity despite that being everyone's favorite. She's also the only one who legit uses sailors against one and other (the future guardians being the amazoness quartet) even if Cyprine did sort of make the inner vs. outer battle.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
I thought she wasn't supposed to appear until season 4!

Is season 4 here already?!
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it's fan-made
Luzanami's avatar
but you still get a preview that way ;)
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Very awesome details. :thumbsup:
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Except for the remake of the villains, I really have no interest in seeing Sailor Moon Crystal.. But I LOVE Neherenia. She was my all time favorite and most sympathetic Villain in my list as well as being the more beautiful with her unique design. While the new version will stay true to the manga's truly evil version I still can't wait to see just how her design will be. You really made her both beautiful as well as very haunting, like she really belongs in a horror anime. One of the best Neherenia fan arts I have seen in a while.
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Amazing detail :)
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She will certainly be more menacing when Dream arc comes around I feel like she was a bit magnanimous in the Super S prior anime series...
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Wow, very nice!  I can't imagine you're too far off the mark!  She's lovely.
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OMG....i want to see her like this...animated! Awesome!!!!
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O___O  She looks like a DEMON this way!  Spectacular!!
        Queen Nehelania La Emoticon 
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She's staring into my soul!
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