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A Rare Nightmare

It's done, not really as good as I expected it to turn out, but such are my limitations and those of Inkscape (don't really know how to shade properly).
Station of Awakening Featuring Nightmare Rarity from the IDW MLP:FiM comics.

SVG Download: [link]
Lineart Version: [link]

Night Background by :iconproenix:
Credits for some of the drawings traced (shadow monsters) go to Amy Mebberson.
MLP:FiM is property of Hasbro.

Done with Inkscape.
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Hey, did you make the station base/template, or did you use mine?
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Made it myself on Inkscape since it's easier for me to scale the circles that way.
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Oh I see. Cool beans. :D
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Is this Nightmare Rarity's Dive to the Heart?
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How did you do the stained glass window thing? It turned out marvelous! :D
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Thank you! Procedure in a nutshell below:

Basic template made on Inkscape (the circles and whatnot, only have to do this once per station "type"), manual drawing on paper then Inkscape trace for Nightmare Rarity, regular Rarity and Luna, regular image trace for the shadow things. Coloring and minor shading is the biggest pain ever due to no manual coloring on Inkcape and finally add a marble filter for the pseudo-stained glass effect which most of the times collapses my computer (seriously don't try that thing unless your PC doesn't suck).
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I'm seeing Nightmare Rarity everywhere! Does she become that in the show or something?
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In the IDW comics she does for the second arc.
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I never knew there was comics.
Well in the second story arc(which by the way was never given an actual name, but I myself refer to that story as "The Nightmare Reborn") they reveal that it wasn't simply Luna's jealousy of Celestia that turned her into 'Nightmare Moon', she was actually being manipulated by an evil entity known as the 'Nightmare Force', which is similar to the Symbiotes from the Spider-Man stories, only instead of a slime-like being, it's a smoke-like being, the Nightmare Force convinced Luna that the only way she would be appreciated & respected was to make all the sun loving ponies fear her & betray Celestia, Luna did what the Nightmare Force told her to do, then it possessed her, giving her great power, but at the cost of taking over her mind & try to bring forth the 'eternal night', because the Nightmare Force is a being of dark power that feeds on negative emotions, so it's only weaknesses are powerful light & positive emotions, and when the Mane 6 used the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon, the Nightmare Force was not completely destroyed, instead it left the Earth & took refuge on the Moon, where it possessed nearly all of the Pony World's inhabitants on the Moon, turning them all into smoke-like monsters, in other words like Spider-Man symbiotes, they all became Nightmare Forces themselves, but they still needed a suitable queen to lead them on a conquest of the Earth, so they later returned & kidnapped Rarity, so that the Elements of Harmony could not be used on the Nightmare Forces again, so Rarity got possessed by a Nightmare Force & was transformed into Nightmare Rarity, to learn more about this read the actual IDW published MLP: FiM comics main series issues 5-8.
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wow this is utterly awesome!!
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Wow i want to know what's her story :)
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I'd be ok with this to be honest.
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Wow es!! so beautiful muy Impressive :D I like
awesome ever the rarity nighmare!!! you art is beautiful!!!
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Oohhh, pretty!
Its still pretty awesome whether or not you didnt like the out come.
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