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Joker Christmas

I submitted this deviation in a competition on a little website known as 'Worth 1000' back in 2008 (The year I made it) and I won 3rd place with it. It was my first entry, and I was very honored to even rank, because there are some INSANELY talented Photo Manipulators on that site. To this day, I am still very proud of this piece. :D
So have a Massacring Christmas and a Happy Hand-Grenades!
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the bad kids get stuffed into body bags 
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
Whoa... excellent one.
burzum676's avatar
damn, he's gona send christmass out with a "bang"
Jejune8848's avatar
That's really good... heheh. lol.
Ainrana's avatar
If you're bad, Joker will stuff a bomb down your chimney.
If you're good, he'll stuff a bomb down your chimney, anyway. :D
Writer4Commissions's avatar
I doubt those are goodies.
LuukasPisca's avatar
veery nice!!!
you did it??Wow!
love it :D (i bet it's plumb full o' bombs!)
CaptainLaura's avatar
Awesome. :) I wonder what's in that bag.
Midget-Ninja's avatar
Never fails to impress me. :)
Jackolyn's avatar
V511's avatar
nice. cute even...
bookworm-87's avatar
very nice. i love heath ledger's joker.
IceValaxy's avatar
NOW THIS IS PURE EDITING! There's probably a body in that sack...hehehee....
Jackolyn's avatar
Hahaha, thats a good one!

Thanks for the comment!!! :D
IceValaxy's avatar
SonicClone's avatar
why so jouly
hohohohohohoh :D
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