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A Photo For Celestia

This should look a little familiar to some of you. ; ) It's less original than the other vectors I've done so far, but I promise I'm going to be doing more with it. 8-)

Even though this one is directly based on a reference, it presented quite a few new challenges. First of all, the resolution was a lot lower, so most of the detailing was left up to my own aesthetic (which is never a good idea).

In addition to that though, I was surprised to find a bunch of animation errors/oversights in this frame, which I had to work around. Here's the reference if you want to compare with my notes: [link]

  • Twilight and Rainbow Dash have no tail! One could argue that they are totally obscured, but I'm still pretty sure they should be at least partially visible (after all, that's why I added them to my version).

  • Twilight's left eye (her left) is really derped. Compare the reference to mine side-by-side; I moved it a lot.

  • Misplaced eyelashes: Rarity's right eyelashes appeared to be layered above her iris instead of below both iris and eye whites. And Fluttershy's right eyelashes were placed on the side of her head instead of the side of her eye (and dangit, every time I see the opening sequence I can't unsee it)!

  • Ponies are missing eyelashes: I added eyelashes to Twilight, Applejack.

However, I want to make clear that this isn't a criticism of the show's animation or the work anyone associated with the show has done. To the contrary, I spent a week working on a single frame and they manage to do a spectacular job producing an entire episode in the same amount of time. I couldn't animate a poorly drawn stick figure in that amount of time, much less do it flawlessly. Instead I just wanted to point out the things I noticed as well as make the comment that even what seem like straightforward traces are strewn with funny details.

Done in Inkscape. Took about 16 hours (each pony took about 2 hours, plus a couple hours for the scroll and background, and then awhile futzing with it).

SVG available here: [link]

(And I'd love it if you put a link in the comments to wherever you used it!)
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I'm using this as an icon in a PS3 theme I'm making! And I'll probably use it many more times for future MLP themes haha :) I'll be goving you credit in a read-me note. When I post the preview picture I'll link it to you~
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Sounds awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to seeing the result!
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They don't complete an episode in one week. It takes months just to do one episode, and they work on many episodes at once. That said, you did a great job improving this right here!
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You are correct of course. I think since they pipeline the process between all the different stages (writing, storyboarding, animation, etc.) they wind up finishing an episode every week or two when they're in production (from what I can recall of interviews), but when you account for that time spread across so many teams, you're right that it's really months of work start to finish.

Regardless, I hope that my point of "it's observation, not criticism" comes across. And thanks for the compliment! :XD:
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There will always be errors to be found through out the show.
& there will always be fans that see/find them.

Alas, remember true fans relish in finding them.
But NEVER complain or gripe about them.

To error is human,
to forgive is divine.
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Absolutely true. And I hope it came across that I was surprised and amused when I noticed the errors, not annoyed.
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Sorry to make you feel that I thought you where annoyed.

I was just trying to state that you were relishing in all that was about the picture.
& that some others prefer nit-pick.

Hope that clears this text-goof up.
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You can't see it because she's behind Fluttershy, but Twilight is missing her legs as well as her tail in the original, as you can see when they used the vector files for other things. [link]
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That screenshot is pretty amusing. I hadn't seen their vector used in other contexts like that before, but it definitely makes some of their shortcuts more obvious.

That being said, don't tell anyone, but I didn't bother putting in Twilight's front legs either. ; )
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