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Art Pet Peeves - 1 - Furries

By jackmcslay
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I'm still trying to get myself together to do art regularly again. So I figured I'd try helping myself by getting things off my mind, therefore I'll be making a series of helpers pointing out common mistakes in art, made sometimes by otherwise high level artists even.

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I agree with the tail, fur, and that is about it. I mean if it's how a person wants to draw, they'll draw exactly like that. Many many many artists like yourself, think that every artist must draw this way or that way to be the best. But as from what I know, there are artists who don't follow this particular tutorial at all, and yet are slightly if not more than better at drawing than you.

The whole thing about fur is if a artist is  drawing realistically which many artists don't do at all. Than you have artists position the ears the way they do because it's how they interpret the anatomy. I mean a good example of this is :iconxbloodshadow: She has a realistic style in anatomy and understands it well, but she does not place fur details, strand by miserable strand. It's still good, and you can still tell that she has a lot of understanding in what she does. 

This if anything may or may not help people but to me, I think a disclaimer of, for those who are realistic artists/etc. Cause someone like myself, and other cartoonish artists would find this tutorial kind of faulty. 
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It is not the point to tell people how they are supposed to draw but to show what they should base from.  It's not easy to spot by the untrained eye, but there is a difference between stylization and lack of knowledge of anatomy.
One more clear case is the fangs issue - It way be valid to change for cartoony stylization, but I've seen a lot of realistic drawings where they get it wrong.
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But again, stylization is all knowledge they have of drawing. Even if they lack bits and pieces of anatomy knowledge. Everyone starts out that way, and tend to grow from that, when finding a style they like, they often base their own off it. Generally someone who wants to improve. Those who are satisfied with not learning generally will not want to. I just kinda stumbled upon this when trying to find a tutorial on making your own style. This did not help as it is thrown more towards people who want to draw realistically. I still feel the disclaimer would be nice.
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Yes, a lot of people start out doing stylized artwork and build up from there, but they shouldn't - there's where the Rob Liefelds of the world come from. If you want to develop your own style, it is a requirement that you study how things works realistically. You have to know how anatomy works so when stylizing you can emphasize it by exaggerating anatomy features that evokes an specific mental rosponse to the viewer.
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I am sure you just said a comment back ago, that you aren't trying to tell people how to draw, and all that blah. Yet here you are telling me how to draw. Smooth.
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I said you have to know how to draw realistically not that you have to draw realistically. And this isn't advice from me. If you ask any teacher or experienced artist who can vary in style, they'll tell you have to know how to draw realistic anatomy if you want to be able to draw stylized anatomy properly.
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I have actually, and thank you for clarifying yourself. However, I can't learn from others, I have to look at a way someone does anatomy, look at real life photos, and incorporate both into my own style.
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Hehe, yes. I totally agree with all of these. Tail positioning is a big one for me too. So many cat girls with their tails in the middle of their back and not actually coming out of their tailbone. ^^
The fangs vary by species, but for the most part it's true the upper ones do get payed way more attention to so it ends up wrong.
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I've got a bone to pick with this tutorial you've made... first of all, there is no right or wrong way to create anthro's for any given person; everyone has styles that are different. However, there's nothing wrong with a little direction. Although being too realistic can lead to primal character designs and the sense of personalization and self-expression especially for an artist is lost in the process. Creating characters that are cartoony means that some realistic traits for anthro's can be ignored resulting in quick, repetitive work. 

Also it really helps if people go to their local book stores to read or buy books on human and animal anatomy. While reading the material it's best to practice what you've learned. Copying the anatomical structure from the book isn't going to help you improve at all... there's no magic to becoming a better artist, it's practice, practice, practice, everyday, all year long. :meow:
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Art style isn't a very good excuse. Just because someone has an art style of his/her own that doesn't mean said style is a good one. A good art style is made by understanding how the subject should look like in real life and then figuring out how to exaggerate parts of the anatomy in order to enhance the type of illustration you want to portray. Drawing something a certain way just because the artist wants to doesn't make for a good art style. Besides, I've seen some of these mistakes on primal-looking photorealistic anthro paintings as well.
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Yes, there's a thick line to be drawn between style and error. If someone simply accepts their current inability to draw something correctly (according to realism), then that is not style, it's just accepting error.
People do often try to keep their art as realistic as possible, though some would prefer to do things differently simply because they aren't willing to try to learn the correct way.
I think for every artist it's really just a choice. Do you want what you draw to be taken seriously or not?
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