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Sith's Creed: Ezio Auditore

● Our life is made by the death of others. ●

Soo XD This is for those, who are more the Sith-Type ;D
Here is Lord Ezio Auditore, now really on the dark side XDD

Here's the Link to the light side Master Ezio:
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Love the crossover xD
DARKLILITH3000's avatar
omg good idea of art work putting two at once amazing ..i love it nice
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MatrixMaster3018 how awesome is this dude? Awesome

This is sweet
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I think I remember seeing something like this on Bing
I could be wrong, but YEAH!
Templars are the Jedi then?
DarrenDraws21's avatar

Yeah because Sith is about "Everything is permitted" and Jedi use knowledge for protecting their society

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Damn that looks awesome.
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We work in the dark to serve the dark? =P
Ohh yeah,is just me or is that skin on his chest too light? :-? (Confused) 
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lol just a moment ago i was thinking of that XD
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i dont realy like AC but that i would play.
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When he joined the dark side! Nice job on this one! Totally awesome and a whole lot darker!
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you'r sick XXD
I love it! :D
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All I can say is, Awww yeeaahhh!
InfintyGohan's avatar
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:evillaugh: :evillaugh: :evillaugh:
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Come to dark side. We have assassins
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this is friggin awesome man!
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