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So I've been back from my weekends out at Fan World and Conbravo.  It was a real fun time, especially with Conbravoand I'm looking forward to sharing at least some of experience I had through the photos and videos I took.

As I'm still working on editing the photos for Conbravo, I don't have a upload plan quite yet.  But since I'm making decent progress getting Fan World photos ready for devaintArt I may just upload a couple here and there when I have the time.

I'll have a more set schedule when I finish editing but in the meantime, I could easily do at least two photos a week but exactly when and how much we'll just play by ear for now.
It's been awhile since I've done a Youtube update so I wanted to highlight a few videos I've made since then, since I haven't done much updating online lately due to my preparations for some conventions coming up this month.  So look forward to a ton of cosplay pictures coming up in August because I'll certainly have a lot to share from two conventions in a row including the first non-local convention I've gone to in years.  In the meantime, enjoy these videos and if you want to see more, feel free to check out my channel.  I likely won't be updating as often since I'm preparing for cons. but I've uploaded a lot of videos already since the last journal so there's plenty of content from me to fill your time.

If you enjoy Pokemon battles, on top of completing uploads of my first online competition I uploaded the first episode of the second competition.

Also done some Pokemon Showdown battles ranging from Little Cup tier and randoms. So feel free to check my Pokemon Showdown playlist for more battles.…

One thing I'll likely be working on during my Youtube hitaus are Pokemon Go Vlogs.  I've been enjoying recording my adventures with the game a lot so I do got a lot of editing to catch up on.  For example, here's one I recorded during the Grass Festival where I go up to Niagara Falls to stock up on a variety of grass and water Pokemon.

Playlist of Pokemon Go videos can be found here:…

Also did some FE Hero draws if you've enjoyed those.…

Also, I've revealed the first episode of "Project Aqua Story". Where, long story short, I plan to record and edit the events of Sonic Adventure in Chronological order. I will take any feedback I get up to when I resume editing the series some time in August or September to improve future episodes even further.  Tempted to even reupload this one but we'll see when the time comes.
Hey guys, it's that time again where I showcase my Youtube videos.  Since that's where a lot of my online activity is at so why leave you guys out of the loop?

First off, I have been keeping up with the Pokemon Competition battle uploads:

But that's not the only Pokemon Battle Content I've uploaded. I got a Showdown battles with the Sonic Team that includes live commentary.  As well as a few more random Showdown battles.

And yes, I do have FE Hero draws as well.  But there's so many of them I don't think I want to list them all here.  So instead, enjoy this Sully clip I recorded.

I got some good stuff planned for May including my first Sun and Moon 6 v 6 battle, a treasured moment from Pokemon Go captured on film, and the reveal of my next major playthrough if not upload the first episode of it.  So stay tuned for more gaming videos or better yet, go subscribe to me on Youtube so you can watch these videos as soon as I upload them.  Go to the link below and hit the subscribe button to do so.…
Wow, it's been an extra long while since I've last plugeged my videos.  Guess that just means I have more to share now.

First I'll dump the FE Hero draw videos I've done for those curious about those.

Next, we still got quite a bit of the Online Competition left to go and I've been keeping up with a weekly upload on those.  So if you've been enjoying that series (for whatever reason) you should subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can see those videos as they're released.

I also have a few non-commentated Pokemon Showdown videos I've uploaded.  I'll be uploading the recording session they came out of next week so stay tuned.

Last but not least, I've did a full-fledged Pokemon Go video, showcasing my first major walk with the generation 2 update and the Pokemon I caught that day.  It's a bit late, but that's because it's a big video that I put a lot of work editing the footage together. So I hope you Pokemon Go fans get some enjoyment out of it, though I appreciate any feedback that will make future videos even better.

(Also I finished editing some cosplay photos I took from a con. last weekend.  I can't start uploading until next week due to some personal matters I have to attend this week.  But I think it's a small enough set that I can shoot to get them all up before the end of April.)
Well I wanted to upload more frequently next week and I delivered.  First and foremost.  More mobile uploads.  I drew more characters in FE Heroes including ones that are worth the watch.

On top of that I'm starting to dive into Pokemon Go content.  While I can't promise it to be a weekly thing, Pokemon Go is a game I play daily so I can see the most opportunities for videos with it.  In fact, I have a huge video recently finished showcasing my first major walk with the gen. 2 update.  Really late, but when you see how large and how much editing when into the video, you'll hopefully understand what took so long.  Shooting to get it up sometime this week... in the meantime, here's a smaller video of me catching a Pikachu with a party hat.

Oh, and here's a random clip I edited from a quailty test stream I did this week.

Last but not least, Pokemon Battle.  Back in February, I entered an online competition in Pokemon Sun and recorded all the battles I did in it.  This week I finally uploaded part one and have 9 more videos to go (along with possible bonus content).  So I'll defiantly be doing one of those a week, if not more, until I get it all uploaded.  Here's part 1.
Well, this week has been a bit more shallow with the uploads.  I'm trying to get ready for a 2-4 times a week upload schedule on a consistent basis for March but because I started experimenting in a few projects and new recording methods right at the end of this month, I don't think those plans will be ready on time.

I did manage to upload another Fire Emblem Heroes draw video.  As I look into methods into ways to improve my mobile recording methods, I'll be planning on make mobile uploads a more consistent thing for the channel, including covering levels in the game.  For now, hero draws seem like a nice chill low key thing I can pretty much do weekly.  Plus people really seemed to like the last draw video I did, so why not do what pleases people and myself?

...and that's it.  Like I said, I spent a lot of time this week recording new projects and experimenting in ways to improve recording quality and make the whole video creation process more efficient.  I do got a few videos recorded that I just have to finish editing so that should lead to a slew of content in the upcoming weeks.
To keep notifications more focused on what you guys what to see while still promoting my other content.  I decide to try keeping Youtube updates to weekly to biweekly journals depending on how much I upload and how much online spare time I have those weeks.

While I'm still hacking away to the completion of playthrough projects, I have uploaded quite a few miscellaneous videos this week.  Ontop of a pair of Pokemon Showdown videos I uploaded, I got my first taste of Battle Spot the other day.  I already got some battles I want to post commentate and share but in the meantime, enjoy these Pokemon Showdown battles.

In other exciting news, I'm finally starting to monkey around with mobile recording since I'm running into more and more mobile apps I'd love to share with the Internet, along with it being an infinite avenue of games to get first impressions of.  For a test run, I uploaded a video of me drawing heroes for the new game Fire Emblem Heroes, and it's doing really well in the views compared to my usual uploads so I think I'll be doing more hero draws in the future.

Last but certainly not least, I've uploaded a collage from my time at Tora Con 2016.  I've wanted to do something like this for every convention I went on last year and I've finally finished editing together the one for Tora Con.  On top of the pictures you may already be familiar with there's a couple extra shots and video clips that didn't make the deviantArt cut.  So if you enjoy my cosplay uploads I'd highly recommend you check out this video.
Hey guys some pals of mine are streaming Kirby games to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention all weekend.  Check them out and donate if you can and it'd be appreciated.  If you can't donate spreading the word and come to watch works as well.

Hey guys, GDQ is going to be starting up in just about 1 1/2 hours (11:30AM in EST time) They're a speed running organization that does charity streams twice a year by playing through games at god-tier crazy rates. And it will be going on for a whole week. I encourage all of you to go and spread the word even if you can't donate.

Plus they do raffles & auctions for various blocks of games they play and I have the honor of being able to contribute my Amy Rose custom amiibo to the block of Sonic games. You can check the shedule for the times they go through games but I believe the Sonic block will be happening Thursday. Schedule is up on their site.
Custom Amiibo: Amy Rose Mabel by JackitK

if you ever wanted a chance to get a custom amiibo while contributing to a good cause, this is a great chance to do so. Plus I'll be at work during the Sonic block so I'm hoping someone goes to it if only to let me know how it went. I'll be lurking in the chat of the stream for some of the time I am off.

If you can't donate, spreading the word is helpful as well. Hope you can show up for even a small portion of the stream.

So this weekend I visited the cosplay Snowfest event and I did indeed took pictures and I believe got some fun shots of my Pokemon Trainer cosplay taken too.  While I am working outside the Internet 40 hours a week now, I can't promise exactly when I'll have them out here, but I can assure you that editing those photos I took is in the works. Since it takes more time to prepare uploads here than it does on Facebook, they'll likely go up here after the Facebook uploads but I will keep you guys updated.  When I find the pictures and double check with the photographer that it's okay to do so, I'll be sure to post the shots of my cosplay too.  I feel like I've had some of the most fun shots yet with my Pokemon Trainer cosplay, so I'd love to share those with you guys as well when they're ready.

Stay tuned and trust me, if you're following me you'll be the first to know on this site when I'm ready to start loading those photos on here.
Hey everybody! In honor of the release of Pokemon and Moon, I decided to release a batch of Pokemon themed NFC custom figures for sale.  If you've been looking to get your hands on some of the customs I've showcased over the months, now's your chance.  I even made a promotional video to showcase the occasion.  Be sure to check it out for the details.  Even if you can't buy a custom, watching the video supports me ever so slightly so I appreciate your time.

If you want to check out my art store for these and additional items to buy, including prints of Pokemon themed art I've drew and a couple prints of Pokemon cosplay Reports, the link is down below.  I'm hoping to add more throughout the year so stay tuned for new announcements.
So sadly, I am done with conventions for the year.  And because my plans to go to MAGfest fell threw, I'm not sure when the next convention I go to is going to be.  However, this will allow me to do some catching up on convention related content that has fallen through the cracks.

During the past month, I've edited together a few convention related videos.  I know I have some more footage from Tora-Con to go through as well, and if I got time inbetween editing videos for the podcasts and playthroughs I'm currently doing, I may edit together some more Cosplay Pokemon Reports.  It's taken me so long to do those because I've been focusing more on my other online projects, but I'll likely take a shot at that once I clear out some of the other convention footage sitting around on my computer.

This one focuses more so on the cosplays I saw at Tatsu-Con....

...and this other one is what I was able to film from the Fan World cosplay contest.
And with that, I've finished uploading cosplay photos from Fan World.  I didn't include every last photo here so if you wish, to see more photos, I encourage to check out the Facebook albums for the other photos.


As for what's next, I don't currently have any plans to go to any other conventions so it may be awhile until I have more photos to share.  In the meantime, I'll likely be focusing uploads on the custom amiibo and Skylanders I make.  I have been itching to get back to drawing too, despite missing a cable for my tablet, so if I do any of that, they'll likely get uploaded here too.

Speaking of amiibo and art though, I've recently opened up a shop where I plan to post prints, amiibo, and more.  I have even more to add to the shop in upcoming months so stay tuned for more detail on that.  I even have some prints of my Pokemon Report posts, but I make more if there's a demand for them.  In the meantime you can check my current stock here.
So hey, I just got back from the 1st Annual Fan World convention...assuming they have a convention next year.  Well, I had more fun than I was expecting to get out of it so there's at least that.  I'm writing this journal more to talk about the cosplay photos, so let me just focus on that.

So because of that con. and things in my personal life I'm not ready to talk about, I still working on Sunday's cosplay photos.  But I know I've kept you guys waiting for Sunday's Tatsu-Con photos, so here's what I think I'm gonna do.  I'm gonna change course and get the photos I took of the Pokemon cosplay meet-up first, just breezing through it and putting in the minium description work so I can get that up tonight so I can hopefully finish up Tatsu-Con photos by a week from now.

As for Fan World cosplay photos.  I do got a nice batch of them but I just got them onto my computer tonight so I'll need the time to get them edited and ready to go.  Best case senario, they'll be ready to go when I finish up the Tatsu-Con photos but since I'm gonna try to upload them in bulk, I can't give an exact time frame quite yet.  I should have a clearer idea on that date when I finish the Tatsu-Con photos.
Hey guys.  A little later than I'd like with the photo announcement.  But I am on the works on getting them out here.  So first of all.  All the photos from UBCon, Tora-Con, and Reiyacon that I plan to share are now up.  I am a bit more selective here with with photos I share so if you want to see more be sure to check out my cosplay/art Facebook page at JackitKay.

Here's a link to some of the convention albums.
Tora-Con (Saturday):…
UB Con (Saturday):…

As for Tatsu-Con it was a 3 day event so even with narrowing down the amount, there are a lot of photos I gotta get up.  I'm gonna take a little more time before releasing the first batch but I should have some ready to share by next week, maybe even sooner depending on how many I got done the next time I got time off from work.
It's been quite some time since the last cosplay photo update and I have completed some sets since the last update so let's get you all up to speed on what's left.

So for ToraCon 2016, all of Saturday is now updated, though I still have a batch of photos from Sunday to share, including some cool Pokemon ones.  UBCon is all done, minus one picture which I want to decide if I am completely done editing or not before uploading but I should have it up before the rest of Tora-Con is uploaded.

I actually have one other convention that I have yet to upload but everything should be set to go. All the details like descriptions and tags should be set, but I want to find a day to dedicate just to getting all of those photos uploaded.  As soon as I find a good day to do so I think I'll dump all the photos for that convention up on here all at once. The exact day will be a surprise. However, it'll likely be going up soon since it'll still take some time before I'm ready to upload the rest of the Tora-Con photos and I rather not stop in the middle of that batch to upload the new convention photos.

Long story short, I'm looking to get the rest of my cosplay photos up on devaintArt by the end of the month since I'll be going to all three days of Tatsu-con (formerly Ryu-Kon) around the last weekend of the month and I want to be all done with previous convention photos by the time I've taken Tatsu-con photos.  So expect a few huge batches of cosplay photos the next few weeks on days I have off.

(Oh yeah, and I may have a few custom amiibo to share here and there so stay tuned.)

If you can't wait, I always seem to get cosplay photos up on my photo Facebook page first, so feel free to check that out in the meantime.
UB Con photos:……

Tora Con photos:……
Hello, everyone.  So a bit of bad news.  My core membership expires in a couple days and I don't feel up to paying for a new one currently.  Only Core members can schedule uploads, and I don't know how that's going to affect pictures I already scheduled, but overall it will affect the upload schedule.  It means despite still having a lot of cosplay pictures still to share, I may not be able to upload them as consistently. I have my plate full online and offline between working full time, other projects I do for the Internet including Youtube, custom amiibo, and cosplay, and other personal goals I'm trying to achieve.  I may try to make up for that by uploading a ton on days I can put the time aside to do so but there's no guarantee how well that will work.

I will mention people are will to give me enough points, I can renew my membership and keep the features of it.  That would help me out with keeping my uploading constantly and allow me to better organize my content for you guys. However, that is a lot to ask for (1,200 points about $15 worth to renew it for 3 months), so I won't beg, and I likely won't bring it up for a long time after this post.  If you are interested, I will include a donation link below. First and foremost, the points you give me will go towards improving how I present my content to you guys, which would include renewing my core membership.…

If you prefer to get something in return for your points I do have various deviants you can download.  If you see a devaint you like, look to the side to see if there is any options to either buy a print or download it for points.  Here's a few examples of devaints you can download right now in return for points to support this account.  
Pokemon Report Oshawott by JackitK Pokemon Report Greninja by JackitK
If you are interested in purchasing a deviant I haven't already provided (points or money), message me and I'll see what I can work out.  I should note I will not give out pictures of cosplay photos I've taken that aren't already provided.  I respect the cosplayers I take pictures of and prefer to get their consent to do so before selling their photo.

If you're interested in commissions feel free to send me a note.  Due to my time, I do have to handle things by a case by case situation, and commissions are PayPal only, not points.  In order to be able to invest what I earn back into my art most effectively I do need to work with actual money. Regardless, I would love to make more custom amiibo for people willing to buy them.  I'm iffy about if my other artistic skills are good enough to be worthy of commissions but I will consider PG drawings, clay molding (if I can find a good way to ship them), and some photoshop projects.  
Added note:  Both custom amiibo are sold.  Thank you all for your support.

So I finally did it, after tireless efforts to try and sell them at conventions I've finally decided to look past my rough history with ebay and auction them off there.  I set them up for a week's auction so I believe you have until May 2nd to get in.  If this goes well, I'm open to selling more customs in a similar fasion.  I wish I could start the bid off lower so more people could get into it, but I want to assure that I don't lose money between, the cost of the amiibo, paints, and ebay's fees if they do get sold.

Toon Link Red Tunic:…

Daisy styled Peach:…

If you want a closer look, I showcase the amiibo in the video I made announcing the event.
There was a lot I originally wanted to talk about with this convention, so I figured I would divide it into parts.  This part more so just to get some important (for here at least) 

The big thing is with a poll I recently made relating to cosplay pictures. How it stands is I currently got all the remaining pictures for Kaminari Con ready to upload.  I do confess rescheduling already posted pictures will be rough, especially since they'll all be up by next Sunday and this week will be a bit busy getting ready for Tora-Con.  But I will keep the results of the poll in mind for when I have Tora-Con cosplay photos to post.…

If the votes are as close as they are now, I'll wait until the Kaminari-Con pictures are done before uploading anything new, or upload a picture or two from each con. per day, which ever of those two options has more votes.  Either way is easier on me than the third option on the poll, hence me only considering it if there is a huge demand.  But again, I'll keep this poll in mind for Tora-Con as well.
It's a bit last minute, because it might as well been a last minute decision. But I am going to UB-Con this weekend.  Well, at least on the time I'm not working, which should be Friday evening and Saturday.  I forgot it was coming up by the time I got around to getting tickets I was already scheduled for work that week but I made arrangements to work around that.

Following weekend I'll be going to Tora-Con, and I might even go to another event the weekend after that, so April was already gonna be a busy and eventful month for me as is. And then a bunch other stuff that has happen a few days ago, all good news, but I think it's a little too personal for me to go into at this time.  Point is, a lot of stuff is going on at once so forgive me if I'm less active here. (Thanks to scheduling I doubt it'll be a problem with deviantArt, but I'm not sure how it'll affect my activity on other sites yet.) And there's going to be tons of cosplay pictures for me to post for a good time to come.

I think I'll be going in cosplay too, though I don't think it'll be finished by this weekend.  It's nothing too complex, with the worst thing being simple sewing for a piece of my hat. But because of the events I mention before, I haven't had much time to work on even that.  I'll likely wear it Saturday either way, since I think it'll work even if it's not complete. However, I certainly won't have time to post preview shots here. Still should make for some fun cosplay shots though.