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Pixicon Part 7

Pixicon Part 7.
I want to make them around 1000.
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looking forward to them
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Looks very nice, how much you need to finish it, i can´t wait too long :d
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thx, yes i found it !
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ok, i just saw the comment above :)
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So cool. How do you even make these?
ADL-Designs's avatar
hope you finish these soon, they look great!
JackieTran's avatar
it is already finished ;) [link]
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tarunagg's avatar
Very nice, i really like them
please PM me about it when you're done with all 1000 :D
gfxman's avatar
These are just to nice. Will watch you to see this done ;O)

musett's avatar
Beautiful icons! I love the little details :)
iHackit's avatar
Gorgeous work, what icon sizes will they include?
1explain's avatar
Amazing, I love this style :D
And..can you share the bg?
FledMorphine's avatar
Please make 64px!
Zortje's avatar
Great icons, love the style :D
rkmugen's avatar
Wow... this would've been cool in my old Kaldeidoscope theme for Mac OS 7.x-8.x.
8168055's avatar
Hey Jakie,
where can I find the download of your pixicon?
Great Work!! Awesome ;P I'd like for my phone!
JackieTran's avatar
"No ETA.
I want to make them around 1000."

H-3-L-L-S-M-A-N's avatar
Sorry does that mean you want to make 1000 icons before you release them.
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