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Black'UPS Darskness HD

By JackieTran
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Black'UPS Darkness version 5 : $0.99

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Lockscreen theme:

SBSettings Theme:


Black'UPS Theme for iPhone 3G/3Gs

My Another themes :

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Black UPS IOS 8 Update Please
IOS 8 Update Please
FURBY8704's avatar
iOS 7 update please :)
garys11's avatar
JackieTran, You are 'The Man'....
I love this theme, Been using it since the first day you released it on MacThemes...
I am sporting (with pride) this on my iPhone and iPad, and on my work Android EVO.
Hey Jackie,

I purchased this a while back and since MacThemes is down for probably good, I'm gonna start making my own icons. Can you send me the PSD file? My email address is loriwood01 [at] gmail dot com.


If you got the template files can I get a copy too? I want to take a stab at making some icons. My email is itoadz [at] gmail dot com.
monkey0115's avatar
什么国的文字 一个都看不懂哈~~
4hellcat's avatar
fantastic work and icons :)
yO Jacki I purchased on Cydia but I don't see the PSD for the icons??"
loismustdie555's avatar
I bought it on cydia but it wants me to repurchase with paypal :( . my cydia email is if you want proof
could you please pm me the rar of just the icons in their bundle folders?
Galsar's avatar
Do you plan to make an extra icon pack for black UPS? For such apps as TweetBot, Flipboard ...
tweetbot and flipboard icons already exist.
secretanchitman's avatar
thanks for the great theme jackie! i was wondering, is there a chance you can update the settings icon from A4 to A5 whenever the iphone 4S gets a jailbreak? thanks a lot and please keep up the great work!
kintsy's avatar
Hi Jackie,
I purchased this theme and need to download it again... How do I do this?
KacperM's avatar
This is the Best theme of the world!
hi Jackie
will u updated this for iOS5? I would love to use this as in iOS4 but in OS5 the Telephone, Music, Video, and Calender Icons dont work :(
can u update your theme pls?
caliburst7's avatar
Hi, I would like to make some requests but since I'm not registered in MacThemes and it's not possible to register.. Where can I put requests..?
i have a iphone 4 and i cant find the folder to copy it into...have looked in itunes but cant find it...can anyone please just tell me how/where?...thx
ehsanlover2's avatar
Nice really nice

They're ripping you off!

Love the theme, though!
JackieTran's avatar
they dint give them my permission :/
marcosborges's avatar
Best theme ever! =) Gonna use it for a long long time! Thank you! o/
dlab's avatar
Hi. Have u the single icons in png format or htere is only the theme?
hungerwolf11's avatar
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