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harry potter: Marauders

i just reread the order of the phoenix the other day.
i love drawing the marauders. jk rowling should make separate books about them!

well in the drawing it seems like theyre planning an escape from detention while the professor is out. i dont know haha :D

from left to right
Padfoot wormtail Moony and Prongs :)
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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
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AMAZING!!!!! best marauder pic!
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I love James' skater clothes ;D I LOVE THE MARAUDERS!!!
(waaaayyyy cooler than Harry generation)
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The Marauders are bad ass. I'm with you: I so want a prequel. How much fun would that book be?
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Is Moony in a slytherin vest!?
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I love your style! It's so...I don't know...the first word that comes to mind is "weird" but I think that's just because it's a departure from most of the art on dA (anime, blah). It looks like you would be an amazing illustrator! <3
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i, too, think the coloring looks amazing. AND i (too) noticed the shoes!

most of all, though, it is great to see wormtail get some love. it drives me crazy when people omit him. sure, he was a backstabbing little maggot, but he was a marauder too!
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Ha, love it! Sirus and James both look like Joe Flanigan!
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i love this. especially their shoes. sorry, i notice weird things like that.
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sirius and remus look so good. james looks like he has a long torso which isn't bad but it makes his neck look too long and his legs short. peter looks so cute, sort of like a small kid brother. they look preppy except for james who looks kind of punky. very well done :-)
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ooh very nice job on everything! love it!
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This is amazing, especially the details! *fave*
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Wow. Just great ^.^ . I love especially James face and Lupin ;)
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oh wow, so many details and vivid colours, :+fav:
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Cool boys !!!
I like your coloring and you choose the colors well. It look so NICE !!
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XD love it!

she seriously needs to write more on the marauders... EVERYONE adores them! :love:

my only nitpick... moony is supposed to have brown hair, no blond... but that's the only thing i see wrong with it... :+fav:
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Great stuff, especially with traditional :)
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hehe I absolutely love James and Sirius here :D
great job! :clap:
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You're right! She should make a separate book just for them. So many people love them too.:heart:
I love their outfits :)
And the colors are really great!
I love the way you drew them too >w< ♥
Awesome anatomy and lineart too

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great coloring!
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