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Hello everyone! I don't really post regular journal entries on here, but I thought I was long overdue for an update.

I'm on summer break right now, after finishing my first year as a full-time art teacher for grades 7-12. Before that I was part-time, so it was nice to be in the classroom on a regular basis! It also meant that a lot of the art I did during the past year was related to making demonstrations and samples for my students.  I've still been posting artwork in my sketch blog, and I have more new artwork that is waiting to go up on the blog and here on deviantArt.

For a fun side project, I have also started a vintage books blog called Pictures And Print. I use the blog to post books from my own collection, and they're often books that I find inspiring in terms of art and design.

I also got married at the end of July, which I'm incredibly happy about! My husband and I went to Italy for our honeymoon, and it was great to visit the beautiful cities and see amazing works of art and architecture.  I spent a lot of time this past year making and designing things for my wedding (when I wasn't making art for my job), trying to add as many personal touches as possible.  Centerpieces, name tags, cake topper, decorations, signs, and so on.  My husband (who is an illustrator and print/web designer) and I also collaborated on a website for the wedding, save the date, and invitations.  We wound up getting the invitations printed letterpress style at an awesome local print shop, Boxcar Press.  Everything turned out beautifully, and eventually I will be doing a couple of posts on my sketch blog about the things that we made for the wedding.  

The school year starts again the first week in September, so right now I'm just taking it easy for a few days before I start gearing up for teaching again. It's time to get back in the swing of making art after being away from home for weeks!  

I hope all has been going well with all of you, lovely visitors and followers. :)

As a side note, if you are interested in contacting me for commission work, please email me at jackieocean [at] gmail [dot] com instead of sending me a DA Note. I'm not always on DA every day, but I check my email multiple times a day and that is your best chance of reaching me if you want a more immediate response.
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I got married in March, but we're going on our honeymoon trip in a few weeks, so late! We're going to Italy too :D Which part of Italy did you visit? :)
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Congrats on both the full time position and getting married! It's always nice to hear from you, as you are one of my many muses. I am so with you on being behind on updating on dA! I kinda wish they would create their own app to make it easier (since I mostly use my phone for the Internet.)

Take it easy while you can! I'll have to visit your blog again to check out your updates. I'm so bad when it comes to blogger now.