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The Hero of Canton

"Pretty cunning, don't you think?"

Fanart of Jayne Cobb of Firefly & Serenity fame.

This was all colored in Photoshop with my tablet, incorporating my inked line art and my own ink spatterings.

August of 2005.

Here are the other pictures in this series of illustrations:
- Bad. In the Latin. - Mal
- The Good Doctor - Simon
- The Ambassador - Inara
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I LOVE this Hat
CanisResolutus's avatar
The eyes just seem to follow me...
gazereths's avatar
Wow......Just wow!
Gremliniloveu's avatar
This is the best portrayal of any character from Firefly, not saying that Jeyne is my fav character.

Purely awesome!
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"Nice hat."
"Yeah, a man could walk down the street in that hat and civilians will know you aren't afraid of anything."
"And don't you forget it!"
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Also, I don't care if my comment is 6 years too slow XD
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"I think ya really captured him, ya know? Captured his essence."

"Looks kinda angry, don't he?"

"Kinda what I meant."
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=D Love that episode.
EnlistedRanks's avatar
I conjure it's one of the best they made.
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That hat definitely calls for some thrilling heroics.
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It is very cunning :3
I love this :)
Barbarooskies's avatar
Everything that can be said already has been said.
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hahaha.. that was such a great moment.. mean Badger making fun of his hat.
jackieocean's avatar
A classic moment :)
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Absolutely amazing.
jackieocean's avatar
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No matter how I try, my Jayne hat doesn't look as cunning. Jayne's though? Pretty cunning indeed. :+fav:
jackieocean's avatar
Jayne's hat is awesome. =D
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