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October 25, 2005
Portrait of a Phantom by *jackieocean is a stunning digital portrait. Even if you aren't a fan of the phantom of the opera there's no denying the skill that has gone into making this detailed portrait.
Suggested by hippyofdoom
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Portrait of a Phantom

This is a portrait of the Phantom (from The Phantom of the Opera) based on how Gerard Butler depicted him in the recent film. This was painted entirely in Photoshop with a tablet, using a pencil sketch I did as the base.

From January of 2005.

EDIT: Ohmygosh, I got a DD? Wow! :w00t: Thank you so much to hippyofdoom for suggesting it and subversive-imaginati for choosing it. You guys rock! :hug:
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Pretty picture!
Jax1776's avatar
Very perfect portrait of him. :D
Kate246's avatar
Wow! This is amazing! Beautiful!
ncfwhitetigress's avatar
poor phantom i just want to give him hugs!! :cries:
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Asrath's avatar
I love the movie, though they could have made Erik's sunburn a bit worse...
When you deny such a man for just a small scar but further a perfect body and voice... well, no hard choice...
But in the original book he was actually not sexy at all, but more like drop dead creepy...
I prefer a mix though, I don't really like the "zombie/living corpse" version of Erik, but I too think that Gerard Butler is just TOO sexy and too less evil for the role. I imagine the phantom as a moderately attractive guy with an air of creepyness around him. And obviously his face under the mask must be much more messed up, like really revolting and horrifiying.
hemlocklupinness's avatar
I could see that cause he was beaten and deformed but creepy is the new sexy. I could still admire him either way cause not only is he awesome but I wish he just Christine that stupid whore
GoldenFirePhoenix's avatar
i love how you drew expressions in the mask. im sure everyone has their own interpretations but for me it represents how well Gerard played this role. he did so well that you could see every single emotion in his face inspite of the mask. magnificent work here. you drew his face as perfect as it is in reality.
hemlocklupinness's avatar
Hahaha so awesome you put that mum loves him sooo much
TheGreenSprite's avatar
the darker colors make the high-lights really pop..
Claireluvs1D's avatar
This is awesome. :worship:
robin-sparrow's avatar
Love this movie, and this masterpiece of yours. So much so that I mentioned it (and linked to it) last month in my blog: [link]

It's such a beautiful piece, I really wanted to include it in my suggestions for fan-work to check out. :D
CrimsonsDragon's avatar
"holy **** on a sandwich!"
that's incredible. it's all around amazing, but i think the shadows and lighting are my favorites. keep up the great work!
kammysthename1's avatar
XToriRoseXD's avatar
this is amazing! really beautiful job on it, love the coloring and shading.great job on the pic! i love it :D
snoopgirl55's avatar
OH... MY... GOD...
jakynar's avatar
Wow... it looks so life-like! I can't believe how talented you are!
MonstarzGirl's avatar
You captured him perfectly!
(glomps Erik)
Ecezio's avatar
This is magnificent *.* Can't believe my eyes! GREAT WORK!! :heart:
ScandalatiousIntent's avatar
This is beautiful!! *Faints*
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I saw this on stage five times and I one the move plus look at name all of you Phantom fans will get it!
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