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Pirate Queen

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This digital illustration started out as a school project and kind of developed a life of it's own. Arr matey!

I dressed up and took my own reference photos, which was fun to do. I've really been making an effort to build a collection of photos I've taken of people and places to use for my own reference library.

I'll upload a mini image progress walkthrough eventually, but for now you can see some behind the scenes stuff here and here.

The final image measures 11" x 14". It was drawn on watercolor paper with brown colored pencil and ink washes, and then after scanning it all of the color was painted in digitally in Photoshop with my tablet.

Completed in January of 2009.

Prints of this illustration are now available!
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gummy-gundamHobbyist General Artist
Question: Do you have the pistol, or is that just drawn in?
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gummy-gundamHobbyist General Artist
I can see you in her. I am not trying to be a pervert, but I think this is what you should be in real life! I would sign up as a crew member in a heart beat!!! love this picture!!!
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Ah, but is she cruel to captives?   If she doesn't have an iron fist, she might lose the respect of her crew.  
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Through-the-moviesHobbyist Artist
Her majesty...
Great ;) 
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ninjatakes321Professional Traditional Artist
Quite odd how such a galiant female protagonist hasnt ever made it's way into our media, shame =..=
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WOW! she looks A LOT more like Elizabeth from P.O.T.C. than your other pirate woman drawings. you are really talented with not only a pencil and ink but also with photoshop - which LOOKS SUPER HARD TO DO!!!!!!!!!!! - i have it but i havent started using it yet. xD
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You know she kind of looks like Amy Pond from that one episode of Doctor Who.
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Faithful-ImaginationProfessional Traditional Artist
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starryeyed-nzHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I imagine that at least one of the real female pirates known in history must have looked like this at least once in their lives!
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Uh, wow! Love the posture and expression and her little gun! And I especially love the costume! She looks like she demands so much respect!
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MrsHughJackman1Hobbyist General Artist
I love it
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MrsHughJackman1Hobbyist General Artist
That looks like Amy Pond in an episode of doctor who. She was dressed like that.
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IdaLarsenArtProfessional Digital Artist
This art work has been featured in my latest 'Pirate Art feature' news journal:
:pointr: [link]

- If you prefer not to be featured, drop me a note and I'll remove it asap :)
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Fiery-FireHobbyist Digital Artist
You have been featured in Pirates ;) of Oceans & Seas >> [link]
Hope you enjoy it !! :ahoy::skullbones:
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reminds me of amy pond.
FrenziedFerret's avatar
looks a bit like Elaine Marley in monkey island 2
o0Joke0o's avatar
Cool! remind me of Amy Pond from Doctor Who^^
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animal0123Student General Artist
Oh, I love this. And I love that you, unlike most other artists, made a normally dressed pirate girl instead of drawing some provocative-looking minx.
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jackieoceanProfessional General Artist
Thank you! It always annoys me when female adventurous characters are drawn totally impractically. You know what I mean - revealing costumes, incredibly high heels, long hair everywhere, etc. In reality, an adventurous person would want to be prepared! Hair out of the face! Cover vulnerable areas! Sensible shoes so you can run without breaking your ankle! :ahoy:
animal0123's avatar
animal0123Student General Artist
Are you God? Because you should be. :)
(I totally agree)
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MayumiOgiharaProfessional Traditional Artist
Hi :wave:
This deviation has been featured in my journal :heart: [link]
ForTheLoveofSatire's avatar
Impressive detail. Would you mind contributing this to the Battle Ready Womyn's group in "The West and the World," folder? [link]
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Inklingirl16Professional Traditional Artist
I love this! It's so well-done, and she's not dressed in nothing!!! ^_^
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