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Fluttershy Pattern

Here is the pattern that I've made for my Fluttershy embroidery! I used Anchor floss colors.
Pink: 050 and 051
Yellow: 301 and 302, 874 for the outline (I don't remember if this one is really from Anchor, sorry -_-')
Green: 186, 189 and 214
Black, white ( and for the shadow on her feet I used remains of old grey that I had in my yarn box.

The colors above is just a suggestion and the shades can vary a lot, so I advise you to use the colors you think is more suitable.

Enjoy your cross stitch! ;)

Note: Fluttershy is a character created by Lauren Faust and is property of Hasbro.
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I made this out of perler beads:…

Thank you for posting the pattern.
JackErickson's avatar
Very nicely done.
double0NINJA's avatar
How did you make the pattern? As in what program? I've got some patterns I'd like to put on the computer but I can't figure out how...Yours looks great though!
RoseWriter666's avatar
Adapted for plastic canvas [link]
Dragonemperor16's avatar
I have absolutely no idea how to utilize this but I would really like to make this.
cardinalchang's avatar
This is awesome, thanks for posting it! I made it out of fuse beads here: [link]
Scrapmum's avatar
Can i pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get your permission to animate this! and i promise to give you credit if i post it anywhere also i will show you when im done
Jackiekie's avatar
Sure, go ahead! :dance:
celestialqueen24's avatar
any chance you could tell me the colors in DMC?
Jackiekie's avatar
I can't tell you the numbers I used, because I used leftovers I had in my sewing box, they didn't had the number tags anymore. Sorry :(
celestialqueen24's avatar
darn...its just hard to tell what colors too use :( oh well i will try my best :)
hoshitsu's avatar
Aw, its so cute ^^ thank you for this.
boyiz's avatar
can I use perler to make it? I have done a cross stitch one, will post it as soon as I can :)
Nanaischaos's avatar
Hi, My little sis saw this and she wants me to make a blanket for her with it.
If it was okay, could I?
If so, any way to like...blow this up into a big graph for Tunisian crochet?
If not, totally cool, I'll figure something out. :P
Thank you! SO CUTE. I love Fluttershy.
Jackiekie's avatar
Sure, you can use it. Go ahead, please. :)

Sorry, but at the moment I don't have the tools to make or change patterns right now. If I could I would do it for you, but I have just a small (borrowed) laptop that use mostly for messages.

thanks for your message ;)
Nanaischaos's avatar
okay thank you!
and you're welcome.
cathartic-dream's avatar
Thank you!! <3 I shall be using this.~
Jackiekie's avatar
you're welcome :D
Vanburace25's avatar
Fluttershy for the win :)
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