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Spartoi: The Last Stand (4) :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 3 5
Spartoi: The Last Stand (3)
Chapter 3: The Clock is Ticking
She hadn't really been one for large teams. She was a solo artist. Did best on her own. Partnered up with another for the simple fact of helping them excel and then moved on from there. Her mother had told her that her way of thinking wasn't the best and only way, but Kimmie Yumi begged to differ. She watched relationships crumbled, friendships strain, and partnerships become complicated. She wanted nothing of the sort. In fact, she was nearly disgusted with herself when she began to feel just the slightest inkling of envy watching the interactions between the partners on the team she would now be helping lead. It didn't help that she was to work side by side with a woman who happened to be lovers with a man she herself had desired for some time. Yes, she made it seem like shameless flirting just to piss off the silver haired beauty, but Ares was a fine specimen of a man and he needed to be with a woman who knew his full potential. There was no way that
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 3 0
Spartoi: The Last Stand (2)
Chapter 2: Squad
Tsubaki would be lying if she didn't say she felt her heart sink into her stomach every time they had to come to this place. It brought back so many bad memories. It didn't help that she had to hide her daughter away in such a place. She was certain that if Black Star were around, he would have been disgusted at the idea. When Angela was told she would be joining the group there, Tsubaki clearly remembered the sad look that crossed the young witch's face. The place where she had lost her beloved body guard. It was one thing that she had come to terms that Mifune had died the day she was taken to Shibusen, but it was another that she still didn't know how it happened. The place held lies as well as secrets. All the same, it was made evident that this was the only place that they could house the kids and where the concealment charm couldn't be broken.
"Tsubaki, are you alright?" Snapping from her thoughts, the dark haired weapon looked at the concerned man beside her and
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 3 0
Spartoi: The Last Stand (1)
Spartoi: The Last Stand
Author's Note: Well here you have it, the final installment to my Soul Eater OC based fanfic trilogy. If you haven't checked it out, start at Same Story, New Path so you can have a grasp of the characters, who they are and their lineage. Before this was Spartoi Revived. You'll get an idea of the drama that's about to take place. Um, I don't want to give much away, but just know that the once really young characters are between 16-20 years old so there's a lot they'll be going through personally as well. That being said, ENJOY!
Disclaimer: Don't own Soul Eater, but the OCs are ALL mine! They're awesome but you can't have them :p
Chapter 1: No Need for Introductions
Everyone knew the history of Death City, whether they were born and raised there, or if they just so happened to stumble through town during their travels. Shinigami had been bound to the city by way of h
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 2 3
You're a Pest by jackiedg86 You're a Pest :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 4 1 Daddy Power by jackiedg86 Daddy Power :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 12 3 Family Selfies by jackiedg86 Family Selfies :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 15 0 Chrona/Patty Request by jackiedg86 Chrona/Patty Request :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 4 6
Spartoi Revived (21)
Chapter 21: Growing Up
Rion didn't really know what it was like to have a family for a very long time. He lost his parents at an early age and spent a good portion of his younger years trying to run away from the abusive life he was living after their deaths. When he came to Shibusen, he had taken some time to understand what it was to trust someone and once he had let those walls down, he had developed a new family, especially when it came to his meister. Ava had always made her way as a priority. He was very fond of Kilik and Patty could be eccentric, but fun all the same. Not to mention the support and lessons he learned from Fire and Thunder. Yes, he could easily consider this group of people to be his family, so watching them become torn apart and the torment his partner was going through because of it, left the teenage weapon lost and uncertain.
"Do we have to do this right now?" Ava asked, leaning heavily into the wall and looking up at Ares in a defeated manner. Looking around,
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 4 29
One Big Military Family (36)
Chapter 36: Discoveries at Fort Briggs
Arriving at the Northern train station was simple enough. The brothers were amazed by all the snow and busy atmosphere they had arrived in. They even had a pleasant enough cart ride toward the path they would have to take to get up to Fort Briggs. Trudging through the snow was a whole different story. Ed continued swearing angrily under his breath about Mustang not waiting for him and Al to arrive before going ahead. Al was silent the entire walk, completely huddled inside of his coat. Swearing things couldn't have gotten worst was the biggest understatement of the journey now that the pair stood with several guns pointed at them.
"State your business!" barked a soldier. Ed glared back at him. Whatever was happening at the moment was not looking good.
"We have business here!" he yelled back. The guns did not lower. Al inched closer to his brother.
"Who sent you?"
"Listen, I'm a state alchemist," He began reaching for his pocket but someone shot.
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 2 0
Spartoi Revived (20)
hapter 20: Adult Sacrifice
Ayame adored her father. She always had. She was a daddy's girl. His princess. It was a given. Black Star was an amazing father and would bend over backwards for his daughter. It was an interesting sight to see. Tsubaki was easily the one who had to do the disciplining. When Ayame was a little girl, she was practically his shadowed and could be seen trying to mimic her father's movements and form. Tsubaki was well aware that their daughter's bold personality wasn't simply learned but engraved in her DNA, only to surface the more she followed after her father. The girl had strength, and thankfully, intelligence, despite being stubborn and occasionally head strong. Black Star was proud of her and would shout it from the tops of the academy, so no one was shocked when he kept his face straight and stepped forward as Death City officials stood and Shibusen doors requesting all threats reveal and surrender themselves or further action would be taken. Zeke had to h
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 4 14
One Big Military Family (35)
Chapter 35: Those Who Wait
Winry was hunched over her work bench working on a new automail for a customer when she felt someone looking at her. Glancing up, she saw her grandmother looking at her with a smile that she wasn't really sure how to respond to. She glanced over at where Lee was curled up with Den, both snoozing away peacefully and then looked back at her grandmother expectantly. "Is something wrong, Granny?" she asked. Pinako chuckled and shook her head.
"Nothing, dear. I was just taking in how much you looked like a wife waiting for her husband to return." She answered. Although her face had gone red, Winry still managed to look at her grandmother in complete outrage.
"What're you talking about!" she screeched and quickly threw her hands over her mouth when Lee stirred. Pinako laughed.
"Look around, dear." Winry frowned slightly. She had a three year old sleeping comfortably in her work office curled up with her old dog, had moved the phone to arm's length in case Ed called
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 6 1
One Big Military Family (34)
Chapter 34: Mission 3- HEAD NORTH!
Roy swore under his breath as he and Riza stepped off the train they were on, a grinning Maes following them. Maes' arrival in their hometown was one thing considering his mother and long time friend decided to take unwanted walks down memory lane that at some point went into seeing how much Xingnese Roy remembered his grandmother teaching him when they were younger.. They then proceeded into if Lee had the same bad habits his father had and Maes would bring up events that even Riza had never heard about and much to the Flame General's irritation, his father tossed in a few anecdotes of his own. Now, here they were getting off the train that brought them South to meet up with a very frantic Jean Havoc who had called in a not too stable state.
He declared that he encountered an insane little ghost girl who turned out to be a ghost woman and that he was certain he was most definitely going to die but she vanished right before his eyes. Roy was not at al
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 3 0
One Big Military Family (33)
Chapter 33: Mission 2- Play Detective!
"You're from where?" Ed stared suspiciously at the stranger sitting across from him. Although he was more than happy to be reunited with his younger brother and knowing that he arrived safely with no problem, he wasn't too welcoming to the strange individual sitting across from the optimistic young blonde, smiling as if nothing were wrong.
"I'm from Xing." He answered matter of factly. "My name is Ling Yao."
"Yao? Why does that name sound familiar?" asked Ed, scrunching his face up thoughtfully.
"He's the current emperor of Xing," Ling answered. "He's my father." There was a long silence as the brothers stared at the young man in front of them. He continued to look at them with a cheerful expression on his face until Ed burst into laughter.
"You have GOT to be kidding me!"
"Ed!" Al looked at his brother in disapproval and Ling made a face.
"What? C'mon Al, this guy can't seriously be royalty!"
"I'll have you know I'm 12th in line!" Ling announced
:iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 4 0
Mature content
Spartoi Revived (19) :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 3 2
Your Smile- NaruHina by jackiedg86 Your Smile- NaruHina :iconjackiedg86:jackiedg86 7 0


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Black Star and Tsubaki: Nope, it's naptime :iconnapoleon-chan:Napoleon-chan 43 15
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Well I said I was gonna do it and I did it!

I've been in a serious rut for the last couple of years. Life caught up with me and not only did I not make time to do what I love, but I lost any desire to do it.

Well, I have gotten back into writing, going through mild writers block, and I'm currently working to complete my 3 part Soul Eater OC based fic. Making a point to do weekly updates so I can stay on task.

I dug out old sketch books and started to condense them down to a large binder. Looking at my art, I told myself I could do and be better and so I went out and bought a sketchbook.

This book has been sitting here for about 2 weeks, but today I finally did it! I told myself I NEED to draw something before the end of the day and I did 2 pics! Super proud of myself. I feel like I'm starting to rebuild the desire to do any of these any more and I look forward to sharing!
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