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Hi, there. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll like my stuff.

Note: if you don't want to see a bunch of pony art, you probably won't like my stuff.

I'm from sweden, in my mid twenties, art is just a hobby I have no formal education in, and I really like cartoons. There, that should about cover a comprehensive description of me.

Oh hey, Happy Pride Everyone!! :createwithpride: I wanted to have something done for the first of this month, but kinda majorly lost track of time haha. So just now I'm trying to decide what to do to celebrate, since I obviously can't go to any irl stuff. I want to draw a parade of some kind, but am flopping between having it be of Northern Skies and Lightning Strike again, The Mane Six, adult Student Six (haven't drawn them much at all) or maybe Lyra and Bonbon (as they're the only (as far as I know) canon gay ship in mlp). I can't choose, so thought I'd check if someone here really want to see something of that? Or if you have any other fun ideas! :D Otherwise, I'll just pick something, but I thought I'd ask :)
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Hey, you want a wall of text about animal names???

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Well, you asked for it. ...How would scientific names for composite creatures work?? Take skvaders; my version is a combination of Wood Grouse (Tetrao urogallus) and European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). But now... those animals are combined into one. So how on earth would that be classified? They’re not even-- one’s a Sauropsid and one’s a Synapsid! And let’s not even get started on Manticores with their Chordate lion body and freaking Arthropod scorpion tails. And to top it off, what about animals like Jackalopes --are they rabbits/or/hares with horns, and thus maybe just a (magical) species in Leporidae? Or are they a composite of say, rabbits and deer, and thus have the same composite problem as Skvaders?? Ugh. To be fair, this issue is somewhat mitigated by the fact that I’m trying to write this as if ponies classified these animals --and since they have no real knowledge of how exactly genetics/DNA/inheritance works and no way of testing it, they can get away with not
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Continuation of the kinyume redesign journal. Dramatisation of events: Me: I want a simpler design with less white blobs to keep track of, and I want less dog/cat-looking white markings. Me: Can't decide which to pick though, let's ask the internet Comment: Pangaré exists you know Me: Hmmm, thanks, but no thanks. I don't wanna haveta draw all that gradient and soft edges, I need to simplify design, not complexify it Me: Me: Me: Me to me: But have you considered... pangaré exists (How each "layer" of her colors would be drawn with pangaré, cause I'll forget how I did otherwise lol. Far right is how she'd actually look in art :) ) Not set in stone, just wanted to draw and see what it'd look like. Thanks @BlueBrush09for the idea :) So far: Con: I'm not 100% digging the soft edge on the white. Pro: But the gradients on the legs are really pretty... Con: Cannot for the life of me make white on inside of leg/under tail look good in this softer edged style, and I kinda liked
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Hello! Thanks for watching o/

Aw, thanks so much for the watch! :blushes:

Hello there , i apologize for being somewhat late , but happy new year , and i hope you are doing ok .

Considering how late I am to responding to this, I think I've got you beat in who needs to apologise =P

But thank you! I'm doing the best I can at least, and that's, well, the best I can be right now. But I hope your year been going good so far :D And here's to hoping for a better and better every new day ^^

Hi! Do you happen to do customs?

Not really, no, sorry :(