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Roos gotta stick together

Before I'll be off to a holiday, I decided to upload it, when I saw an early birthday gift had been already uploaded by someone else too. x3 Well then why not?

I would have liked to do this draw for you anyway but at least there was a good excuse to do it for you, and not only by your birthday's event, but by showing how much I adore and grateful for you for many reasons, Oz!
Early Happy Birthday to you and best wishes to you ^^" *hugs, licks your cheek gently* :hug:

Oz © :iconozkangaroo:
Jako and art © me
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© 2008 - 2021 JackHCrow
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That's so nice a roo hug I love it
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im a roo as well as meny others but im to far away from you so this is a sad momnt:(
nemethpatrik1988's avatar
Eza legaranyosabb munkád :) Nagyon teccik :) :3 :3
thunderfox5's avatar
Wow, those roos are really detailed! I liked especially the signature, it goes really well on the picture! Nice work :)
shenanigan87's avatar
Az összes ké;pednél valahogy az jut eszembe, hogy a szemek kimondottan élethük és... nos csak angolúl tudom: expressive. De nagyon.
SaidinWhitewolf's avatar
Cute.^^ Awesome work.
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Thats very sweet. And kinda lucky. I mostly see Oz inflated and huge most of the time. :D
JackHCrow's avatar
Sometimes his inflated versions are attractive to me too :)
Luigi48's avatar
I agree. But it must be hard to huge him like that.
Red-Moon-Wolf's avatar
Yesh they have to stick together! :D
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PraiseTheSteel's avatar
Javul az árnyékolás. Oz már egyáltalán nem lapos.
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Kicsit felfújtam az ölelés melegségével ;3
PraiseTheSteel's avatar
Egy ipari palack hélium ajándékba? Aztán lehet Judas Priest-et énekelni... :D
JackHCrow's avatar
metált nem hallgatok nagyon.
PraiseTheSteel's avatar
A hírhedt visító vokál. Iron Maiden is ilyen.
JackHCrow's avatar
amiben hörögnek, az mind kukába nálam :D
PraiseTheSteel's avatar
Azt én se szeretem. A growlkaraoke-t viszont te is ismered. Na azt igen. :D
JackHCrow's avatar
az csak azért poén, mert ponthogy akkora ökörség, hogy az egyrészt fáj, röhelyes és ennek kettő kombinációja még rátesz, hogy marhajó paródia :)
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D'aww... a hug-o-friendship! :D
Very adorable image! =P
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