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System of a Down by JackHammer86 System of a Down :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 9 1 Super Ladybug (For Cristina Vee) by JackHammer86 Super Ladybug (For Cristina Vee) :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 36 0 Super Ladybug (Sketch) by JackHammer86 Super Ladybug (Sketch) :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 17 0 FAKE NEWS MY ASS! by JackHammer86 FAKE NEWS MY ASS! :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 12 34 Jenny Fanart (Sketch) by JackHammer86 Jenny Fanart (Sketch) :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 19 4
The Ladybug and the Black Cat: Chapter 8
The next morning when Marinette arrived at school, Alya took notice, walked right next to her and said "It's about time you didn't show up late girl!" Making Marinette giggle.
"So how'd it go with Adrien last night?" Alya asked which made Marinette's smile disappear. While her night started off disastrous but then got better after visiting Adrien as Ladybug, she couldn't tell Alya that, so she kinda acted like the Ladybug visit didn't happen.
"I'd rather not talk about it, Alya." Marinette said looking down, which made Alya's smile disappear as well.
"Something happened, didn't it? What did he do to you, Marinette?! Tell me!" Alya insisted.
"Nothing Alya, it was just something I did. Can we please let this go?" Marinette said before Adrien's limo showed up.
Nino was near the door waiting for Adrien to get out before shouting "Hey! What's up man?!" as they gave each other the usual hand gestures everytime they meet.
"So how was your date last night?" Nino asked, which Adrien replied "Eh
:iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 9 3
Love by JackHammer86 Love :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 11 3 Anjalea Portrait by JackHammer86 Anjalea Portrait :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 12 10 Extra Thicc (Sketch) by JackHammer86 Extra Thicc (Sketch) :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 12 3 Thicc (Sketch) by JackHammer86 Thicc (Sketch) :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 14 0
The Ladybug and the Black Cat: Chapter 7
When Adrien heard the knock on his window which scared Plagg so much he rushed into Adrien's pocket, he looked and saw who it was leaning on the window with her yoyo hooked to the roof, waving at him.
"Ladybug?" Adrien said, wondering what she was doing at his house in the middle of the night, so he got out of bed and opened the window for her and Ladybug climbed down into his room.
"What are you doing here?" Adrien asked. "Well, uh-" Ladybug was about to say before she started to blush when she noticed his boxers and tried not to stare at them.
Adrien then looked down and realized he still wears red boxers with black dots just like Ladybug's costume and then he tried to hide them with his hands "Oh! I'm so sorry! I'll uh- go get changed!" Adrien stammered in embarrassment making Ladybug giggle.
After Adrien put on his pants, he asked the scarlet heroine "So... what brings you to my house this time of night?"
"Well I was just on night patrol, and I thought why not spend some time with
:iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 11 4
The Ladybug and The Black Cat: Chapter 6
Marinette continued her walk home frowning and all soaking wet from the puddle. And when she finally came home and opened the door, her parents took notice.
"Hey, Marinette! How was your-" Tom was about to ask before they both saw her wet and rushed towards their daughter "Oh Sweetie! You're all wet!" Sabine said in concern.
"What happened?" Tom asked with the same amount of concern, which Marinette replied "It's nothing, just got splashed by a puddle on the way home" while looking down with the same frown she had for a while. "I'm gonna go take a shower." She then said walking past them and going up the stairs while her parents watched her, knowing that something was not right.
Marinette took all her wet clothes off, washed herself and then put on her pajamas and landed on her bed. She just couldn't get over the fact that she horribly screwed up at Adrien's place, so Tikki floated right next to her to try to cheer her up.
"What's wrong Marinette?" Tikki asked.
"Oh Tikki, dinner with A
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We Won The Battle! by JackHammer86 We Won The Battle! :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 16 11 Payback For Ajit Pai by JackHammer86 Payback For Ajit Pai :iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 41 7
The Ladybug and the Black Cat: Chapter 5
*A few minutes earlier*
While Adrien and Marinette were chatting and playing games in his room, Gabriel Agreste went on his computer to investigate Marinette.
He took pictures of Marinette that came from when crazy fans were chasing after the two and compared them to pictures of Ladybug the same way he did it with Adrien and Cat Noir when he once speculated that they were one and the same.
"Hmm." Gabriel grunted as he looked at the pictures closely zooming in on her earrings in both pictures.
Then he walked towards, his big portrait of his wife, pressed the buttons that were hidden which transported him to his secret lair inside the mansion, which was very dark and filled with butterflies.
His kwami Nooroo popped out of Gabriel's miraculous and asked "Master, are you certain that the bakery girl could be Ladybug?"
"I don't know, but it is possible." Gabriel responded.
"But what if it's just another misunderstanding, like when you thought your son was Cat Noir?" Nooroo asked.
"Look! I d
:iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 12 3
The Ladybug and the Black Cat: Chapter 4
I deeply apologize for the long delay here! I did write this a month ago, but I wanted to wait till I made the new covers for the fanfiction, but that went absolutely nowhere, so I scrapped it and chose to mostly focus on the story itself, I still wanna do some drawings for this, but it will be a lot less than originally planned. So with that said, on with chapter 4!
At Agreste Mansion, the famous fashion designer known as Gabriel Agreste was looking at his big portrait of his wife, Emilie who mysteriously disappeared and has been greatly missing her since.
Then his assistant, Nathalie came into the room to tell him "Mr. Agreste, Adrien has brought one of his classmates to come visit."
"Is it the mayor's daughter?" Gabriel asked in his usual monotone voice.
"No, sir." Nathalie responded. "You should probably come and see them."
"Alright, I'll be there in a minute." Gabriel said, who doesn't seem very h
:iconjackhammer86:JackHammer86 11 1

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I'm sorry that I'm bringing this up again, but I feel this is way too important to ignore. And if you can't handle an opinion that's not yours, then I suggest you leave now.

Right now, America is at stake. All that the Trump administration is doing right now is ripping every one of you off! They hire an inconsiderate asshole as chairman of the FCC who wants to help big cable companies rob people on the internet, they refuse to change their gun control laws despite hundreds of school shootings, which scares students to the point that they don't wanna go to school anymore. and they took away thousands of children from immigrants who only wanted to visit the U.S.

To all the Americans who want to listen, if you're tired of Trump's shit, than you have to vote Democrat in the midterm elections this November! DO NOT make same mistake as last time where some of you chose not to vote for Hillary Clinton and just assumed she would win, because that's what got Trump elected in the first place! I repeat, YOU HAVE TO VOTE THIS TIME!

I'm not gonna act like the Democrats are perfect, but right now, they are far better than the Republicans! And if the Democrats win the majority of the senate and or the house of representatives, than they can stop Trump from making any more dumb decisions.


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Did :iconsnowy-the-dragon: just leave DeviantArt all of a sudden?

WTH happened? I thought things were fine for the most part!
So after doing that Super Ladybug fanart for Cristina Vee's birthday, TLATBC Chapter 9 is back in development, and I hope you guys are excited for it because this chapter will have the first action scene.
I like to say Happy Birthday to two very special people who were both born on July 11

My grandmother (may she rest in piece)

And Cristina Vee (the voice of Marinette/Ladybug, one of my favorite cartoon characters in recent years)
I like to give a shoutout to the talented :iconmalevolentsamson:
Happy Birthday Ringo Starr, the oldest living Beatle.

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