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Marinette, Adrien and the others were in class doing their work like always, except Marinette was still a little concerned of what Hawkmoth could do in the very near future, and Alya noticed her worried little face.
"Hey! You ok girl?" Alya whispered, getting Marinette's attention. "Oh! Yeah I'm alright. And uh... I'm Sorry about what happened yesterday, I just needed a moment."
"Aw It's alright girl. At least you showed Chloe who's boss." Alya said which Marinette replied with a not very expressive "Yeah..."
Then Marinette looked at Chloe to see how she was doing, and when Chloe saw her, she turned her head completely ignoring her, Marinette had no idea how to make things better at the moment, and she just continued her work.
All of a sudden, everyone started hearing noises coming from outside. It was JackHammer going on a rampage, destroying everything in sight like cars, parts of buildings, etc.
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"So how'd it go with Adrien last night?" Alya asked which made Marinette's smile disappear. While her night started off disastrous but then got better after visiting Adrien as Ladybug, she couldn't tell Alya that, so she kinda acted like the Ladybug visit didn't happen.
"I'd rather not talk about it, Alya." Marinette said looking down, which made Alya's smile disappear as well.
"Something happened, didn't it? What did he do to you, Marinette?! Tell me!" Alya insisted.
"Nothing Alya, it was just something I did. Can we please let this go?" Marinette said before Adrien's limo showed up.
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Hey JackHammer here!

Now we can't deny that we love and respect Disney as one of the greatest animation studios in history with many classic films under their belts.

But we also can't deny that Disney wasn't always the masters of animation, in fact there were times where they were close to shutting down because of financial troubles, but luckily they always found a way to keep going.

However, the 1980's was not only a tough time for Disney but for animation in general, and something had to be done fast to keep the medium alive.

Then there was a former Disney animator known as Don Bluth who took a big risk by leaving the happiest place on earth and making his own independent films with a lot of other Disney animators that he took with him (Most notably Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy), and as a result, many people see him as the Disney of the 80's and some of his films were considered even better than the films Disney made at the time.

And we're gonna look at all the films he made here today! However, it has to have a theatrical release in order to qualify, meaning I won't look at his shorts like The Small One or Banjo the Woodpile Cat, the direct-to-video film, Bartok the Magnificent, or any the video games that he made like Dragon's Lair or Space Ace. Now with that out of the way, let's get to it!

#10 A Troll in Central Park - Don Bluth Entertainment (1994)

A Trololol in Central Park by JackHammer86 (Custom Trololol poster was made by :iconanimat505:)

Now let's start off with the absolute worst of Don Bluth, and that's really saying a lot unfortunately.

Now, I haven't seen any of the 90's Bluth films (Except for some parts of Anastasia) growing up and I'm glad I didn't.
While Disney was at the top of their game in the early to mid 90's, Don Bluth was at his low point where he started to face a lot of financial troubles to the point where they needed other companies to help them out, and because of that, there was a lot of studio interference where Don and his team were demanded to make their films more "child friendly" and it really shows.

There's a reason Warner Bros didn't wanna associate themselves with this to the point where it was only given a limited release (thus making it a huge box office bomb, only making over $71, 000!), It's freaking ANNOYING!

This is one of the prime examples of an animated film that thinks kids are so dumb they'll watch anything! And the fact that this kind of film was made by Don Bluth out of all people just makes me sick to my stomach.

The best thing about Don Bluth's earlier films was that they treated their audience (especially kids) like adults, this however is straight up Barney the Dinosaur territory!

Someone once speculated that Don Bluth made this film as a middle finger to the studio executives who wanted more child friendly stuff out of him, and I highly doubt it's true but if it was, then this would make a lot more sense because it is nearly impossible to believe that the guy who made smart and powerful animated films in the past would make something this insulting, Heck, even Don himself came out years later saying he was ashamed of the final product.

Actually the funny thing about this film is that Don told his animators they should put their heart into this film or they can go plant themselves in another garden, and what happened was that some of them actually left him and went to work at Disney to make Beauty and the Beast.

But back on to the film itself, there's nothing good I can say about this. Well ok, I admit the animation is still pretty good since this is still a Don Bluth film, and the animators did try their hardest with the material they're given and there are even some backgrounds and designs that look pretty creative, but even at that, a lot of the material itself is just GARBAGE!

The characters are so annoying that I never gave a crap whenever something bad happened to them, heck, the only part I enjoyed was when Stanley was turned into stone.

The story has no logic whatsoever (Like for example, the villains send Stanley to a place where they claim that no plant life can grow, yet the place he ends up in is Central Park which has flowers and bushes everywhere) It doesn't even have much of a story, It's just one random scene after another, It has one of the stupidest messages you can put in a film, and possibly one of the worst endings ever thought of, like the kind that is unrealistically happy but would actually be a terrible ending in real life.

It's so horrifically bad that I had to take a few breaks and do other stuff while watching it so that I don't get too bored and pass out or get in a really bad mood or something like that.

It's stupid! It's insulting! It's embarrassing! It's tasteless junk food for your mind! And it should be thrown under a bridge where it belongs!

#9 Thumbelina - Don Bluth Entertainment (1994)

Thumbelina by JackHammer86
In case you don't know, the 90's was a time where almost every animated film wanted to be like Disney after the success of many Disney films at the time like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

Many of them tried to incorporate the Disney formula even more than the Disney films that had the formula, and obviously most of them failed miserably, and this Don Bluth film based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen was no exception.

What this Disney knockoff fails to capture is a coherent story with fleshed out characters, in fact, most of it just feels like chess piece storytelling where a character often goes here and there and half the time they just do things OFF-SCREEN! Without any explaination to how the characters ended up in those places.

Don Bluth's animation still looks really nice and even beautiful at times, but it's nothing special, and the characters are so one-dimensional that even the voices of Ariel, Iago and the Horned King can't save them.

As for the songs, they're more of a mix, there are some that are ok at best like "Let me be your wings"  (but even at that, that scene is just a full on ripoff of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin) but then there are some that are just AWFUL! Like the Thumbelina song in the beginning of the film, and Marry the Mole is possibly THE WORST song I ever heard in an animated film! And even the Razzies agree with me!

Yeah, I think that lyric at 1:01 is the best way to describe both that song and most of Bluth's films during the 90's.

But here's the biggest problem I have with this film! If Thumbelina has a bird guiding him throughout her journey THEN WHY DOESN'T HE JUST GIVE HER A RIDE ALL THE F*CKING WAY BACK HOME?! THERE'S NOTHING TO LEARN FROM THIS AND THE MESSAGE FEELS HAMMERED DOWN AND WASTED ANYWAY! IT WOULD'VE TAKEN THEM 30 MINUTES! In my opinion, they only did this to add many pointless subplots involving frogs, beetles and moles in order to make this feature length, but if they wanted to make this feature length they should have spent more time on developing the relationship between Thumbelina and Cornelius as well as some other characters we saw in the first act rather than just rushing it to focus on pointless shit. In fact, this actually reminds me of another animated film that had this kind of problem, which was DisneyToon Studios' Planes where not only is it predictable but they even rushed the basic elements in those type of movies, which makes the film feel completely disorganized and tedious.

And what scares me the most about this is that the screenplay was actually written by Don Bluth himself. I... I have no words.
Oh and tricking the test audience into thinking they were watching a Disney movie? That's not cool!

#8 Rock-a-Doodle - Sullivan Bluth Studios (1992)

Rock-A-Doodle by JackHammer86
Now remember when I mentioned that there was a lot of studio interference when he was making his later films? Well this seems to be the film that started this phase after his previous film, All Dogs Go To Heaven underperformed at the box office.

In a way, it still kinda feels like a Don Bluth film, but with that said, It's still not a good Don Bluth film.

The main problem with this film is that like A Troll in Central Park, it feels like logic was completely thrown out the window here, now hear me out and tell me if something sounds a little off here.

A mother reads a story to her kid about a rooster who's crowing and singing can bring up the sun, until it was revealed one day that it didn't bring up the sun when he forgets to crow and it still comes up, so he runs away, and then it turns out to be an evil plan done by the villains of the film who hate light, and then it's suddenly night time throughout the film until they find the rooster and make him crow again because it turns out his crowing did raise the sun.

In case you didn't get that, let me explain, If the rooster's crowing DID raise the sun, then why the hell did it rise without him that one time?! Oh f*ck it! I'm just gonna go with the Nostalgia Critic's explination where god got bored and wanted to screw with the rooster so he played yo-yo with the sun.

Most of the characters are rather forgettable (and in some cases annoying), and even the main character surpisingly isn't a believeable enough child character like Fievel was in An American Tail or like the kids were in The Land Before Time were and is instead really annoying, and the kid who plays him is such a bad actor that he makes Jake Lloyd from Star Wars look great (also count how many times the kid has said "Oh No" or "Uh Oh" if you ever see the film), and the Grand duke of owls is a weak villain despite Christopher Plummer trying his hardest.

The only good thing to come out of this in my opinion is that the animation (even at it's non-sensical) does have some creativity, I especially kinda like the scene where the duke turns everything in the kid's bedroom into animation, although that doesn't really make sense either, but I personally think it was an excuse to go back into Don Bluth's comfort zone since he did have to direct both the animated and live-action sequences (Which kinda explains why the acting from the humans is pretty bad)

In short, this is Don Bluth's absolute strangest of animated creations but not in a good way unfortunately, as it feels more like a children's film rather than a family film. Not as insulting as Thumbelina or Troll but still pretty bad.

#7 The Pebble and the Penguin - Don Bluth Entertainment (1995)

The Pebble and the Penguin by JackHammer86
After the major disaster of A Troll in Central Park, Don Bluth Entertainment's problems were just getting worse and worse, and the production of their last film there, The Pebble and the Penguin was a huge disaster. When MGM asked them to make big changes to the film, it screwed up everything, and because they were forced to rush production, it lead to some pretty noticeable animation errors in the final cut. Things got so bad that Don Bluth and Gary Goldman not only took their names out of the credits, but they even dropped out of the film's production to set up another animation studio in Arizona despite turning it down beforehand (Which we'll talk about later)

But with that said, the film itself is actually an improvement over the earlier 90's Don Bluth films, but that's not really saying much though since it still has a lot of the same flaws as the others, like bland and forgettable characters (although the voice acting is pretty decent), a generic story that makes no sense, and a pile of unnecessary musical numbers, although admittedly, the opening song "Now and Forever" is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. 

And like I said before, there are plently of noticeable animation errors in this film (from half the characters looking frozen in one scene to plenty of instances where it looks like the characters have missing body parts) But even at that, it's still Don Bluth animation and it still looks great most of the time, especially in the opening and the chase scenes involving a giant leopard seal and a whale.

It's kinda sad that the irish studio didn't go as well as Don and Morris Sullivan hoped, but I guess I can say that this wasn't the WORST note to go out on. It's still bad not at least it's not annoying.

#6 Titan A.E. - Fox Animation Studios (2000)

Titan A.E. by JackHammer86
Along with The Land Before Time, this was one of the only Don Bluth films I watched a lot as a kid, and even with that, I still completely forgot that I even watched it years later.

This was a film that 20th Century Fox was really pushing to make it a reality, hoping it would be the next Star Wars or something, but even after spending millions of dollars on it, no writer was able to do the movie justice, and Fox ended up assigning it to Don Bluth and Gary Goldman to turn it into an animated feature.

But even after Don and Gary came in, the production was still a nightmare, a lot of layoffs were made, and the studio they were working at, Fox Animation Studios ended up closing down just 10 days after the film's release and 20th Century Fox lost around $100 Million on it. And Don Bluth himself didn't have the motivation to make another animated film again until 15 years later, and thank god because this would've been a really weak note to go out on.

This could have been something really interesting, but one of the biggest problems here is that like I said before, Fox had way too much faith in it, and giving it to Don Bluth and Gary Goldman probably wasn't the best decision either because Don and Gary are not really sci-fi guys, and it REALLY shows here!

I don't mind making it a more character driven story, but one of the most important things about these type of films is the world it's set in and all the different aliens that the characters come across, and while the settings do look nice at first, it's not really anything that special, the action scenes look cool at first but then it just gets repetitive after a while and all the gun shootings start to look the same, and it barely gives us the time to meet new aliens because it rather wants to focus solely on a loser who's the chosen one and a group of rebels looking for a big ship that can save the human race, how original!

As you can probably tell by what I just said, the characters themselves are completely generic and taken from other sci-fi stories and with the exception of Korso, they all range from bland to unlikeable.

As for the animation, it actually has a lot more computer animation than Don's previous films, and... it can really be all over the place. While a lot of it is well done (especially the 2D) the 2D and 3D really don't mix and when they try to interact it really doesn't look right, especially since a lot of the 3D really shows that it was made in the late 90's and early 2000's.

I wouldn't really call this one of Don's worst films, but I would definately call it one of his weakest, it didn't do anything bad, it just didn't do much. But I wouldn't really blame him or anyone else in the creative department for that, If there's anyone to blame for this flop, It's definately Fox.

#5 All Dogs go to Heaven - Sullivan Bluth Studios (1989)

All Dogs Go To Heaven by JackHammer86
This Don Bluth film famously came out the same day as Disney's The Little Mermaid, and you can probably tell that it really hurt this film at the box office, (but it did grow a cult following when it became one of the best selling VHS' of all-time) and even critics bashed it by comparing it to the Disney film, which I honestly find to be a really unfair comparison since the two films have absolutely NOTHING in common other than coming out the same day!

But back on to All Dogs Go to Heaven, the most surprising thing I find about it is that it's Rated G despite having tons of mature stuff in it like drinking, gambling, and even murder. Heck, there's even a nightmare scene where Charlie is in hell! But then again, we do live in a world where Hunchback of Notre Dame is Rated G, yet films like Frozen and Inside Out are Rated PG.

Anyways, my thoughts on this film is actually a little complicated to the point where even I can't make it out. Like, I don't really know if I like or dislike this film. But I'll try to be fair.

First off, It is fascinating how Don and his team can think of such an original concept here, from a world where dogs are con artists to what happens to them after they die. Everything in here is something we haven't seen in any animated film prior.

However, as good as it is conceptually, it doesn't really have much of a focus. And what I mean by that is that after Charlie leaves heaven, it's like the we entered a different movie since it pushed the heaven part to the side in order to tell the story of this orphan girl and what we saw in the first act is not even brought up again until the third act. Now, I'm not saying that the part with Anne-Marie is bad, in fact it's actually heartfelt, It's just that it feels like two separate stories rather than one continuous story.

The animation crafted by Don and his team is still great as always even if it doesn't take animation to the next level like his other works, with a great mix of realism and cartoon abstract, and beautiful looking backgrounds (especially in heaven)

One thing that a lot of people would like to bring up about this film is scenes that were trimmed to make the film more kid friendly, like the scene where Charlie gets hit by the car, and his nightmare scene where he's in hell, as well as the fact that Don himself once owned an uncut version of it. Honestly, It's very questionable whether we'll ever see that uncut version or not, but in the mean time, there is an extended version of the hell scene available online for everyone to see. Lol

Holy shit...........

As for the characters, most of them do get off to a bad start like Itchy or Charlie himself, but as the movie progresses, they become more likeable. And speaking of Charlie, I see that he was meant to be one of those likeable jerky characters similar to Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes or Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove, and while his actions do tend to go a little too mean spirited at times, they at least make him redeemable enough thus still making him more likeable than Surly from The Nut Job or Davey Stone from Eight Crazy Nights.

But my favorite character would probably be Anne-Marie because she's the heart of the film due to wanting a loving family (because she's an orphan) and also because of the great performance by Judith Barsi who also voiced Ducky in The Land Before Time (May she rest in piece)

As for the can I put this? I never really found the musical numbers in Don Bluth films as memorable as many of the Disney songs, and sometimes I even get the feeling he only puts musical numbers in most of his films because Disney does it. But at best, some songs in these films are pretty decent.

So overall, All Dogs Go to Heaven may have pulled some nasty tricks, but it's still a good dog.

R.I.P. Burt Reynolds (who died while I was waiting to post this list)

#4 Anastasia - Fox Animation Studios (1997)

Anastasia by JackHammer86
Like I said before, after the disastrous production of their last film in Ireland (The Pebble and the Penguin), Don and Gary decided to ditch it altogether and accept the offer they got from 20th Century Fox to run an animation division for them in Phoenix, Arizona called Fox Animation Studios, and once their old studio closed it's doors, most of the crew moved to Phoenix to stay with them, but unfortunately some (including John Pomeroy who was Don and Gary's partner since their Disney days) decided to let them go and went back to Disney.

Anyways, remember what I said earlier about animation studios trying to copy Disney back in the 90's and failed most of the time? Well, when it comes to 90's non-Disney animated musicals, there are two of them that stand out for most people, which are DreamWorks' The Prince of Egypt and this film, which is probably one of Don Bluth's most polarizing films today. Some consider it one of Don's best and on par with his 80's films (and it even became Don Bluth's highest grossing film), while others think it's just another Disney knockoff. And while I don't think it's spectacular like The Prince of Egypt, there are some things that make this stand out from other non-Disney musicals in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the weakest aspect of this film is the writing. I'm not saying it's bad, in fact I kinda like how it tries to answer the question "What if Anastasia DID survive the execution of the Romanovs?" But a lot of it is rather predictable and you'll probably already know how it'll end in the first few minutes, and what's worse is that they rely on this one cliche in the third act that I cannot stand every time it's used, but luckily they don't focus on it for that long.

However, everything else here is good enough to make this film passible.

One is the beautiful animation crafted by Don Bluth and his team. From the very detailed backgrounds of St Petersburg and Paris, to the use of royal colors, to Bluth's signature character design and solid character animation. The computer animation that they try to mix with the drawings is pretty dated, but luckily it's not too distracting.

There's also the characters where despite being a bit generic are still likeable, thanks to their personalities, and great performaces from an all-star cast that consists of Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammer, Christopher Lloyd, Hank Azaria and Angela Landsbury. And even the bonding between many of them are pretty well done, which can lead to some humorous and even touching moments.

And most of the songs are probably some of the best I heard in a Don Bluth film (not counting end credits songs from his other films) with my favorites being "Once Upon a December" and "In the Dark of the Night"

So while most people seem to like or dislike in this film, I think I categorize myself in the middle, I don't enjoy it as much as actual Disney films, or (again) The Prince of Egypt, but I'd still take it over The Swan Princess, The King and I or Quest for Camelot.

#3 An American Tail - Sullivan Bluth Studios (1986)

An American Tail by JackHammer86
What can I say about one of the most popular non-Disney animated films before Pixar, DreamWorks and Blue Sky made a name of themselves? Well... I can say I was introduced to it by this.

Yup, the 1991 sequel, "Fievel Goes West" was how I was introduced to An American Tail unfortunately. And like a dumbass, I went into the first film expecting something like Fievel Goes West as a kid, XD. But now that I'm 22, I can safely say that the first film is a lot better. Lol

As Don Bluth's first collaboration with the legendary Steven Spielberg, and the film that made Bluth a household name, An American Tail is one hell of a ride.

What really makes this film work is the heart. It goes all out when it comes to tearing your heartstrings or making you feel sorry for the characters, especially when Fievel is separated from his family, and it does so by constantly teasing the audience throughout the film by showing many instances where they're so close to reuniting yet so far, yet it really works because it makes the audience want more than ever to see them reunite, and another thing that makes it work is that it tells the story in the perspective of a child, and constanly shows us how Fievel is feeling throughout his journey which really makes us feel for him.

Which makes Fievel one of the best child characters in an animated film in my opinion. In the 90's Bluth seemed to forget how to direct kids, and the reason I say that is because in the 80's, he seemed to know it all (same thing with All Dogs go to Heaven and another film we'll talk about shortly after this one) sure he's a little annoying and very naive, but not to the point where he becomes unbearable, it's just how some kids act.

This movie also has a subtle commentary about immigration where it may sound like a dream, but it does have it has it's own set of hardships, heck now that I think about it, this is starting to remind me of some of the things the U.S. Government is doing nowadays. Warren T. Trump by JackHammer86... I'm starting to think this film was ahead of it's time.

Anyways, another thing I like to mention is that Don Bluth himself once said that kids can handle anything as long as there's a happy ending, and I think that statement is very reminisent here.

Some may say that there are way too many animated films with happy endings, but in here It's totally needed in my opinion. (SPOILER ALERT!) The whole film has so many dark, intense and even depressing moments as well as many moments where they almost reunited and makes you go "LOOK TO THE F*CKING LEFT DAMMIT!" that when Fievel and his family DO reunite and they call out to each other with James Horner's score (which is beautiful by the way) building up, and everything looking lighter and lighter, It's just a beautiful scene! And It still makes me wanna cry to this day!

#2 The Secret of NIMH - Don Bluth Productions (1982)

The Secret of NIMH by JackHammer86
First, I like to mention that even if this film was a flop when it first came out, It did lead to bigger things in Don Bluth's career. It lead to his 2 film deal with Steven Spielberg and his company, Amblin Entertainment after he was introduced to it by the film's composer, Jerry Goldsmith and praised it for it's classical Disney style, and it even lead to his deal with merger Morris Sullivan who would help Don and his team financially and even move their studio to Ireland.

But back on to the film itself, as many of you may know by this point, this was Don's full-length directorial debut after he left Disney, and many consider it not only his best film, but also one of the greatest films in animation. Do I feel that way? Well........kinda.

But seriously guys, I'm trying! I'm really trying to see what makes it so beloved by animation fans! And I really wanna love this film! It really is thought provoking and dark and creative. It has some of the best animation Bluth has ever done, Mrs. Brisby is a strong and relatable protagonist that you really wanna route for, it has a great musical score from the late Jerry Goldsmith along with a beautiful end credits song and the idea of rats evolving like humans and having their own resources is very interestng and well executed.

But I don't know, it just seems a tad too complicated for me, but that's probably because I'm used to storytelling that's a bit more direct.
Also, Jeremy the crow isn't bad but he seems to have little to no purpose and the film probably would've been a little better without him. And as for Mrs. Brisby's kids, they're ok I guess and you do wanna see them make it ok due to Mrs. Brisby's determination to help and protect them, but for the most part, they just seem like your average kids.

And one more thing, some people may see Jenner as a one note villain, but you could argue that he represents those corrupt and crooked people in power that's been around since the dawn of time.

Again, I see why it has a cult following, and I do see it's influence in the field of animation, and I even acknowledge that Bluth and his team did it all by themselves without the help of any major executive or other writers, which I think is further proof that Bluth is at his best when he's given more creative control, but for some reason It just doesn't connect with me like many others (although it almost does by this point).

#1 The Land Before Time - Sullivan Bluth Studios (1988)

The Land Before Time by JackHammer86
It was bit tough choosing between this or The Secret of NIMH, but for the top spot, we have The Land Before Time, which was Bluth's second collaboration with Spielberg, and it came out the exact same say as a Disney film (Oilver & Company) and actually beat it at the worldwide box office and even got good reviews from the critics saying that this felt more like a Disney film than Oliver & Company did, and unfortunately it also spawned way too many cheap direct-to-video/DVD sequels.

But all joking aside, since I was born and grew up at the time where Direct-to-video sequels was at it's most marketable, I of course was introduced to The Land Before Time by some of the sequels and even enjoyed them because I was naive kid who enjoyed almost anything I saw. But then my dad wanted to show me where it all started, and he gave me a DVD of the original film (Thanks Dad!) and boy was he not kidding when he said this one was a lot better than any of the sequels.

The child characters are all likeable with their own personalies as well as great performances from the actors who voiced them. And like An American Tail, it has the perfect balance of dark & girtty (with the sharptooth being the most threatening Don Bluth villain in my opinion) and light & cutesy, all of which is something that I think a lot of other animated dinosaur films are missing, because unlike those other films, you really wanna route for these characters. because they're kids and all of them have their differences. Some get along, others not so much, but they all had to work together if they wanted to survive and find their families.

The one thing that a lot of people complain about some of these dinosaur films was how they originally intended to have no dialogue at all but ended up having it anyway just to have it appeal to kids. And in a way, this film went towards that same path as well, except the dialogue in here is actually smart and timeless and they don't throw in cringy jokes or horrible lines like "The love monkey" or "They can smell fear" because that's not what Don and his team wanted to do, they wanted to make a timeless piece of animation that anyone can enjoy, at a time where most animated films were nearly going extinct (possible pun intended).

And once again, the late James Horner's score is just beautiful especially in the scene where (spoiler alert) the kids find the great valley and they give us flashbacks of their whole journey as well as a great narration by the late Pat Hingle to end it off and a beautiful end credits song by Diana Ross.

The animation is fantastic and the way Don Bluth and his team was able to create a beautiful looking world full of realistic looking dinosaurs with a bit of cartoon abstract thrown in is just amazing.

Some argue that this film is a little too similar to Disney's Bambi, and I kinda get that, I mean there are a few moments that remind me of that film, but I personally feel that this film went a little further than Bambi in the danger department.

Overall, I don't know how the animation industry (especially Disney) would be like today without this film (or even Don's earlier films), It's easily the best animated dinosaur film out there (if you don't count the Rite or Spring segment in Disney's Fantasia) It's one of the best animated films of the 80's, and I could even argue that this film was The Lion King before The Lion King. And it still remains to be my favorite Don Bluth film.

In conclusion, Don Bluth is one of the most important independent animators of our time who was successful with his goal to save animation in the 80's by not only becoming Disney's first major competitor in animated features, but also infulencing Disney to step up their own game in the late 80's and created classics such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King as a result. So in a way, Don Bluth was actually one of the people responsible for the Disney Renaissance. Oh! And let's not forget his partner, Gary Goldman who helped just as much and stuck with him since the very beginning, so he's kinda like the Luigi of the Don Bluth films. Lol

I heard Don and Gary are currently doing a movie based on their hit video game, Dragon's Lair thanks to their successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015 which was probably helped by Don's hilarious appearances in two Nostalgia Critic videos.
  Gets me every time! XD

Honestly, though I'm very intriqued to see this film if it ever comes out, but regardless, I'm still gonna enjoy their old classics. Every single minute of them.

Hope you guys enjoyed this ranking, be sure to check out more great content from me and my girlfriend, :icongames-anjalea-mmd: and as a special treat, I'll be playing this beautiful song to play us out.

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