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What the hell are you looking at? by jackftwcod5 What the hell are you looking at? :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 0 7 BlueJays Father by jackftwcod5 BlueJays Father :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 4 21 BlueJay by jackftwcod5 BlueJay :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 2 17 Internet bill protest by jackftwcod5 Internet bill protest :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 0 0 Me As A FiM Pony by jackftwcod5 Me As A FiM Pony :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 0 16
Minecraft Story Day 1
Day 1
Dear Diary, where am I? All I remember from the past few days, is travelling around spreading the word of Notch, then, nothing.
I have woken on a very snowy sandy beach. Moving to a higher position, I notice the ocean on one side of my location, hills to the other.
After a brief think, I decided to move in the direction of the hills, noticing a few trees that may help me survive. Moving
across a half frozen lake, I finaly reach the trees, there are many of them, and I notice two gaping chasms quite near. moving over to them, I noticed they
were extremely deep, and not ideal for exploring at the current moment. I will come back later, after harvesting some wood.
Im back after collecting the wood, I now have 19 logs from the trees,  and as I write this, night begins to slowly creep into the place of day.
I will have to be quick if I want to survive the night, I set upon the task of building a shelter. with the wood supply I had, I managed to erect a small hovel, but it
:iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 0 2
Pray For Japan Text Based
Pray For Japan
Please add your name below, by saving this, and adding your name to it by Notepad, then re-uploading it with your name on.
This should be better than adding it through Paint.
I got the idea by editing a few of the lists that were already circulating, and thought 'why isn't there a text based one?'
Thank You for your support for Japan and all those other poor countries that have been affected. Thanks again.  :)
:iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0
RTW Wallpaper 9 by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper 9 :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 David Cameron Y U NO RESIGN? by jackftwcod5 David Cameron Y U NO RESIGN? :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 2 5 RTW Wallpaper 8 by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper 8 :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 RTW Wallpaper Four by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper Four :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 RTW Wallpaper Six by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper Six :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 2 1 RTW Wallpaper Five by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper Five :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 RTW Wallpaper Three by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper Three :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 RTW Wallpaper Two by jackftwcod5 RTW Wallpaper Two :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 0 Rome TW wallpaper One by jackftwcod5 Rome TW wallpaper One :iconjackftwcod5:jackftwcod5 1 1


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So, yeah, Easter Sunday began, 22 minutes ago, while I'm writing this, but, most likely, it'll be 1:30 when I post this.. Procrastination, gotta love it.. Actually, talking of procrastination.. Bollocks, I've not started the Politics question we were set.. What, two weeks ago now? Ah, it can wait.. Our teacher would have probably died from too much drinking over the half term anyway..

While we're on the subject of half terms, why the hell did no one tell me we have two weeks off, and not one? Not that I'm complaining, but I was expecting tomorrow, I mean, today, to have an element of 'Shite I haven't done any work for school' thrown in.
Instead, I can eat so much that I throw up multiple times (Oh hello birthday..), then worry about it next week instead..

Oh yeah, I totally forgot, I hit 17 on the Third, as some of you already know.. I meant to post another one of these things then, but, the old procrastinating side of me came out (again). So I'm one year closer to being able to drink in public, and being able to help vote this fecking Conservative government out of power. You can tell my childhood wasn't exactly normal can't you? Then again, I'm one of the few people in the South East that would, and are going to, vote for the Labour Party, so there has to be some normality left. Considering parts of Kent, especially Thanet, are in such a shite state, and filled with working class people (Hello), I can't see how it's a Right-wing, Conservative stronghold, compared to the more left wing, Socialist North, which, is where I should be.. Among other Socialist minded people.. But that'd mean being near Scotland, and I hate the Scottish accent, mostly, I can't stand the really thick ones..

And, enough about useless shite you haven't actually read, before I fuck off somewhere, have an Easter gift…

Yep, sums the Easter spirit up perfectly, doesn't it?
Have An Excellent Easter :iconchefexcellenceplz:

Also, at the time of publishing (Christ, what am I, a fecking book publisher?) it's 1:07, so yeah, see what I mean about taking forever to write this?
I may explain later..


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United Kingdom
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Need I say more? Yes, I am a Brony. I also like The Cynical Brit.

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