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internet: social networking 3

Social Network students part 3
part 1: [link]
part 2: [link]
student council: [link]
comic strips: [link]

I actually drew these kids months ago and only posted them on my Tumblr.

Imeem was originally drawn by my friend, :iconlubaris:. He actually doesn’t exist anymore. But when he was still around, everybody loved him. He was nice and shared his large music collection with everybody. Imeem was also pretty chummy with Myspace in the past too. However, they got into a big fight which led to Imeem moving away for good. A lot of people started to hate Myspace afterward.

Soundcloud’s the new DJ around school. He’s always listening to music, contemplating what tracks to use for his next remix. He’s pretty much filling up the shoes Imeem left behind. Everybody keeps telling him to stay away from Myspace too.

ImageShack’s a bit shorter than most of the other male students. He’s a bit naive too but at least he’s got enthusiasm. ImageShack often helps out Photobucket store pictures whenever he runs out of space. He has a wide smile that makes him look like a frog.

Tinypic is Photobucket’s younger sister. She’s at that age where she likes to draw and color on everything she sees. One day, she got into one of Photobucket’s albums and drew all over it. Afterward, Photobucket bought her a bunch of coloring books and a sketchpad for her to draw on instead of his pictures. Sometimes ImageShack babysits her whenever Photobucket’s too busy playing paparazzi.
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Add 4chan and 9gag pls!