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Social Network students part 2

part 1: [link]
part 3: [link]
student council: [link]
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Made these babies a month ago or so. I hate uploading stuff on dA (this place lags my comp like the dickens) so I never got around to doing so. Ah, yes. Even though I'm tagging these stuff with "internet," I'm calling it Social Network.

Copypasta from my original tumblr post -> [link]

Xanga’s the popular girl. Or once popular, that is. She was once the talk of the school and everybody loved her. Then she suddenly had to transfer. Now, years later, she’s finally back! However, nobody actually remembers who she is anymore. “Hey, guys! I’m back!” “W-Who are you?” She’s about as sad as Myspace.

Flickr’s really into photography and likes taking pics of pretty much everything. She’s a shameless camwhore and has a beef with DeviantArt since dA likes stealing her pics. She’s also friends with Yahoo. Sometimes she helps out Photobucket whenever he asks her to help him with school celebrity hunting for the newspaper. She tends to freak out every time though. While the two of them are hiding in a bush and spot their target, she’d most likely pop out all shocked like, “OH MY GOD THEY’RE DATING?” and totally blow their cover. PB likes flashing off all his fancy toys and gadgets just to get Flickr to notice him. There are times she gets really excited but other times she gets competitive whenever he does that. “OH, NICE LENS YOU’VE GOT THERE BUT MINE’S 10x BETTER.” Flickr was originally drawn and designed by my bffjil, Cheska.

Yelp is a bit of a busy body and a party animal. But that’s why everybody loves her, because she knows all the great hang out places and hot dating spots. She’s practically like the school’s very own travel agent. She’s good friends with Twitter and she’s also part of the school’s newspaper. Twins! They’re two halves of a whole idiot. Except one’s an airhead while the other’s a dickhead. Formspring is the kind of girl who derps out during class a lot. A real space cadet. She’ll always repeat a question if she doesn’t get it the first time (which is all the time). And she’s pretty much the reason why the class gets held in after the bell rings, because the teacher has to explain everything over again just for her. Yeah, she’s one of THOSE girls. .me is the older twin. He’s a bit of a jerk and a troublemaker too. He asks really obnoxious and/or inappropriate questions during class and likes provoking everybody.

Paypal is eBay’s handsome prince. Even though eBay’s the treasurer, it’s actually Paypal that does a majority of the dirty work for her. But he doesn’t mind because he’s whipped. He’s rich, suave and smart so he comes off as stuck up and snooty. But he’s actually a really nice guy if you look past appearances.

Bing is MSN’s younger brother. The two of them are actually pretty close and he often helps out MSN whenever she needs help. He’s smart and also really flashy when it comes to presentations and what not. He plans on taking over Google’s role as president of the student council. And since MSN is his sister, he likes using that as an excuse to walk in and out of the SC room whenever he wants. He’s rather chummy with all of the members except Google. Google’s too busy to pay attention to him.

Photobucket is a photography nerd. He carries his camera around everywhere. He’s part of the newspaper club too and often helps LJ find the latest scoops. He acts as the club’s main paparazzi photographer. With that being said, he’s also very quick and agile. He likes being on top of things when it comes to the latest gadgets and photo editing software. A bit of a geek in some ways. He’s got a thing for Flickr.
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