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GT: Pokemon AU

if stuco is elite four/champ, can iinchous be gym leaders :iconlizard2plz:

except hikaroo is lame and half her main team are used for contests instead of actual battles :iconlulfaceplz:

Snubbull - Bentley
Gallade - Franz
Scolipede - Hans
Lillipup - Barkley
Sunkern - Maximilian
Ladyba - Ferguson

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also not to be a creeper but did you deactivate your twitter :iconokayfaceplz: i was looking for you the other day and then i was sad when i couldn't find you
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Creeper :iconpardonplz: but lmao yeah I did :iconokayfaceplz: Just need to focus on finishing things before I can touch twitter again :iconpapmingplz:
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HOTTIE :iconhhhhplz:
i miss hikaroos
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u da hottie tho :iconyaranaikaplz:
but shigeroos :iconlazyweepplz:
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i really miss hikaroooss and steed in general

wants to draw 2roos again sometime :iconnyoronplz:
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Also forgot to mention this vid reminds me of Shigeroos…
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...GJLKDSJFKjf Rspits
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u babe :iconblushinplz: but likewise, I still got dumb sketches of 'em that I've been too laze to finish jgifdohgfh
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The shading is really beautiful, and you have alot of talent to be able to draw alot of pokemon!
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1740 EXP added
and yeah man they're totes gym leaders :iconlizard1plz: 
Hikaroo is rocking that outfit tho 
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